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   Chapter 11 The Difference Between People

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And even if it was because of Carla, Darrow couldn't specially remember that Becky attended school today and made a name for "celebrating her going to college" to eat together.

It turned out that Darrow had set his heart upon Becky.

That's why Darrow often go home for dinner after work with Carla.

That's why Darrow allowed Becky to appear in front of him frequently, and even deliberately created an opportunity for her to appear in front of him.

That's why Darrow had become a different person, and even his temperament had become much softer.

It was not easy for Darrow, who had always been abstinent, to finally move his mind.

Myron didn't realize that all his mental activities turned into expressions on his face.

Becky looked at Myron curiously and turned to ask Darrow, "What's wrong with him?" She couldn't help laughing.

Darrow had known Myron for many years.

He could roughly know what Myron was thinking with such a changeable expression, but he would not tell Becky the truth.

Therefore, Darrow just glanced at Myron lightly, opened his thin lips and said five words, "Intermittent madness." "Puff," Seeing that Darrow's expressionless words were such a word, Becky couldn't help laughing for a while.

"You are the mad one and a terrible talker!" Said Myron. Darrow ignored him.

Becky laughed even more happily, "But it's really similar." She laughed out of breath.

Myron said, ". . . . ." You were not even married, but you were already playing along and following each other? "Becky, don't learn from him." Myron pretended to be serious, but Becky made a face at him indifferently.

On the contrary, when Darrow heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the girl standing in front of him. Darrow actually felt that this sentence was quite pleasant to hear.

Myron was speechless and looked at the sky, feeling that there was no help.

After playing for a while, the three finally sat at the table.

Dishes were served on the table one by one. They were delicate and beautiful, just like works of art.

"Becky, how was the enrollment procedures today? Are there many seniors who are scrambling to help you?" Myron asked Becky and took a look at Darrow.

Myron knew the grand occasion of receiving new students at the beginning of the University.

Those boys were all like wolves and tigers, especially when they met such a delicate and beautiful beauty like Becky. If they didn't rush up, they would be sorry for Becky's appearance.

Darrow glanced at Myron as if he didn't care, but subconsciously pricked up his ears to listen to Becky's answer.

"It went well. "There were a lot of people who wanted to help me, but I refused," She said. Darrow raised the corner of his mouth lightly, so small that no one could see it.

"Why not?" Myron asked again.

"Because there is no need to bother others." Becky took it for granted, "Vivian went with me. I don't have much luggage. We can handle it on our own."

In her opinion, if she didn't need help, she wouldn't bother others.

Myron raised his eyebrows in surprise.

As far as he knew, girls were very sentimental and delicate. When they could rely on others, they would never rely on themselves.

Becky, on the other hand, had a set of theoretical principles. If she can do things by herself, she won't bother others.

She has a beautiful face and it is a big advantage over most girls.

But she was not like other girls, who did not take advantage of their own advantages to pretentious.

Looking at Darrow's accustomed look, Myron knew that this would not be the first time that Becky had published her theory.

All of a sudden, Myron understood why this girl was favored by the siblings of the Ji family. She could be treated as a sister by Carla and could be taken to Darrow's heart.

And the designers of "Echoes" also liked her so much.

This is Becky's charm under the halo of beauty.

The charm was more attractive and popular than appearance.

"It's just right. It can also save a lot of trouble." Myron said with a smile.

It could avoid a lot of unnecessary entanglement.

"I think so, too." Becky said with a smile.

Darrow never talked much, so most of the people at the table only heard the voices of Becky and Myron.

Only occasionally did Darrow participate in one or two sentences or answer their questions.

But the atmosphere was harmonious and there would be no coldness or embarrassment at all.

After meal.

The three came out of the room together and walked out along the winding corridor.

The light was a little dim, and the light of plants and water was shadowy. It was imprinted on the wall and the ground, with a faint and hazy artistic conception.

But Becky, who was afraid of the dark, obviously couldn't appreciate the beauty.

As soon as she went out, she followed Darrow subconsciously, not daring to glance at somewhere else.

After only two steps, Darrow found her abnormality.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and turned his head to ask, "Scared?" Becky nodded.

Seeing this, Myron

said with a smile, "Becky, I didn't expect you to be afraid of the dark."

Before Becky could answer, she was grabbed by the wrist and held by Darrow's side.

She was surprised and forgot to answer Myron's question. She just looked up at Darrow's quiet side face.

"Are you still afraid?" Darrow asked.

". . . Much better." There seemed to be less fear because of the darkness all of a sudden.

Myron, on the other hand, seemed to be ignored. . . . . Instead of being depressed, Myron gave a meaningful smile.

The atmosphere seemed to become subtle all of a sudden.

Until suddenly there came a high pitched male voice in front of them.

Under the guidance of the ritual girl, a group of people were walking towards them.

There were four or five middle-aged men, and three of them were holding a young and beautiful girl in their arms, talking and laughing loudly.

When these men were just one or two meters away from them, they suddenly heard someone shouting in surprise, " Mr. Ji? Mr. Ling? " Then came the sound of hurried footsteps and a group of flattering voices.

"It's really Mr. Ji and Mr. Ling." "I didn't expect to meet Mr. Ji and Mr. ling here. What a Fate!" "It's Mr. Li and Mr. Zhang. Long time no see." Myron said with a slight smile, very polite and alienated.

Becky looked up at the crowd in front of her and suddenly felt that the girl in the arm of the man with a big smile at the head seemed to be a little familiar.

The girl was wearing a tight dress with leopard print, which set off a tall and shapely figure. She had charming long curly hair, delicate and mature heavy makeup, and attractive red lips.

There was a flash of inspiration in Becky's mind.

Becky remembered that the girl was the unfriendly roommate in the dormitory in the morning.

On the other side, when Becky was looking at Jasmine Meng, she was also looking at Becky.

Jasmine Meng's eyes fell on the hand that was holding Becky. There was a touch of disdain and jealousy in her eyes.

Becky wore a pink dress tonight. It was pink, just like the dresses of the rich and powerful families.

Pretend! Jasmine Meng sneered in her heart: An unknown little model, who was also kept by a man, had to pretend to be pure and clean.

"We are going to have dinner. Can we buy you a drink?" The man in the lead sent out an invitation, full of expectation.

"Sorry, we have something else to do." Darrow declined.

At the same time, Darrow quietly pulled Becky to his side to avoid the unfriendly sight from the opposite side, as well as the seemingly colorless eyes of those men.

Darrow was like a guardian.

Jasmine Meng felt more and more unbalanced.

She didn't like Becky in the morning because of Becky's perfect face, clean and lofty temperament.

She just instinctively rejected and didn't like Becky.

To say jealousy, it all started from this moment.

No one is more noble than anyone who is also kept.

And why could Becky get such a handsome and considerate man, while she had to accompany an old man who was about to be her father, lustful, and only knew how to play with women and treat women as accessories? What's more, the man that Becky was in love with was even more powerful than the old man beside her! Is it possible to get all the advantages by having a beautiful face?! Jasmine Meng gritted her teeth.

"Excuse me." Darrow added and took Becky away first.

Myron glanced at Jasmine Meng with a faint smile, with a hint of warning in his eyes.

Then he followed up.

Although the people behind them were disappointed, it did not affect those people's mood.

After watching the three of them go far away, people continued to walk forward. Somehow, the topic of discussion was about Becky.

"In my opinion, the woman Mr. Ji brought with him tonight is beautiful enough. Her face and skin are just amazing." Darrow stood next to the woman, so he didn't dare to look too blatantly.

"The woman is really beautiful, but it's a pity that the bright flower has its owner.

We can't offend him." "Yes, think about what he just did. Others can't even take one more look." "What's so strange about that? If I get such a beauty, I'll treasure it, too." The middle-aged man, Mr. Li held Jasmine Meng in his arms and pinched her on her body without any fat, laughing.

Everyone laughed and said Mr. Li was right.

Jasmine Meng scolded the old man in her heart. In fact, she hated Mr. Li to death, but her charming face was still a flattering smile.

After last two days of her vacation, Becky finally started her college career.

Carla was still out of town, so it was Darrow who sent her to school.

The black sports car stopped downstairs of the apartment. Darrow turned his head to look at Becky and said, "If you need any help, let me know." "Okay." Becky replied with a smile, "You can go back. Drive carefully." Darrow nodded.

Becky pushed the door and got out of the car. She bent over and waved at him through the window.

Looking at the bright smile on Becky's face, Darrow could not help but curl the corners of his mouth.

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