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   Chapter 8 Premeditation

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After the routine opening remarks, the host first introduced guests, and then invited Carla to give a speech on the stage.

Carla rose to her feet and nodded to the people around her. Then she went on the stage with a standard smile.

In fact, it was not necessary for her to take part in this session in person. However, to the five early-stage designers of "Echoes", Carla was their talent scout; to the brand, she created the "Echoes" with all her heart and soul.

The brand was special to her as she meant to the brand.

"Set up "Echoes" was the idea I had since several years ago, but now I have the chance to turn it into reality, so that it will appear in front of everyone. At the beginning of the 'Echoes', we mainly focus on customized dress. However, in one year, we will operate casual clothing department and children clothing department in succession. This is the first step for our l Z International Corporation to enter the clothing market. Although we are not experienced, we have absolute confidence in the future.

The 'Echoes' will become a first-line brand within two years, and be on par with those classic

brands such as 'DellLook', 'Talksrt' and 'Yww'," Carla answered Carla said calmly and confidently, as if she was talking about a very simple thing, without any arrogance.

But it turned out that "DellLook" and other brands were a century old fashion brands.

However, her "Echoes", was just a newly established brand without any foundation.

Was two years too short for her brand? Someone questioned, declaring that she was young, frivolous and like a new-born calf.

Of course, some people thought that she would make a difference.

Carla didn't care about what other people thought.

At this moment, whatever she said was in vain.

If they had to question her, she only had to give them the result in two years, so that they could shut up.

Carla went off the stage and sat back.

The host returned to the stage and announced the opening ceremony with a broad smile. The models were invited out.

As the host exited the stage, the site gradually became quiet. Everyone was looking forward to the fact that the major show model "Echoes" had searched for so long was indeed someone.

And how unique works were? Behind the runway.

Becky was ready to show up. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened eyes again.

"Come on, Becky!" The five designers in the design department encouraged her.

"Don't be afraid. We'll wait for you under the stage!" Becky smiled and nodded, "Okay, come on!" "Go ahead." Vivian said with a smile and made a gesture of "come on".

Becky nodded and walked up the stairs holding the hem of her dress.

Her heart was beating fast and her palms were still sweating.

She had heard the sounds ahead. It was a light and slow piano music.

There was no other sound.

Before she reached the corner, she looked back again.

Everyone in the room was full of encouragement and trust for her.

After turning a corner, there was the T-stage.

Becky adjusted her clothes and went straight to the T-stage.

In the eyes of the public, she finally appeared.

Beautiful and amazing.

These words were not enough to describe the present situation and the current her.

Under the bright light, Becky wore a heavy make-up. But her eyes were as clear as a spring. She looked neither coquettish nor flirtatious, but just delicate and refined.

The dress she was wearing was gorgeous, but it didn't hide her temperament at all.

The dress and Becky were perfectly matched.

Darrow gazed at her, never looking away.

When Becky met his deep eyes on the stage, her heartbeat sped up several times somehow.

She looked away and saw Carla, who gave her a thumbs up secretly.

Becky took a deep breath without being noticed and finally walked up to the stage.

Exclaimed Myron Ling, with admiration in his eyes, "Carla, where did you find such an exquisite and beautiful girl?" "I picked her up on the way," Carla said jokingly.

In fact, Carla picked Becky up from the street.

"Did she sign with an agency?" Myron Ling continued to ask, already thinking about how to sign Becky.

After all, as a member of JONA Entertainment, the domestic entertainment tycoon, he thought this girl had great potential.

If he could find a way to sign her, it would be nice for his company.

Hearing that, an apparent look of disappointment appeared on Myron Ling's face. "It's a pity that the girl doesn't have a job in the entertainment circle," he said. Carla smiled lightly. She didn't say anything, but actually she had her own plan.

"Who is this girl? Which modeling agency? Why I've never seen her before?" Some of them whispered.

"I don't know. I haven't seen her before." "I've heard that half of the show 'Echoes' is used by new models. She is probably one of them.

But they should let a new comer show up on the stage. I don't know if they are too confident or they are lucky. They do make the right choice. " "She is really amazing.

Her temperament, her face, and even her clothes fit her perfectly. " "Where did Carla get such a treasure? I wonder whether the girl signed up with any companies or not?" At the same time, the livestream was full of comments on the Internet.

"Oh my God! What's her name? I want to follow her!" "What a beautiful girl and dress!" "It's the first time that I saw so many people on a conference, in addition to clothes, they also paid attention to a model. But she's really very beautiful!" "When will this brand start to sell casual clothing? I want

to reserve a suit! " "Please start to sell the casual clothing as soon as possible. I decide to buy it for this name and model!" "Please tell me the name of the opening model. Does anyone know her?" ..."Becky seemed to have caused much more sensation than we expected," Carla took time to check the data on the line and said to Darrow, "Now the Internet is full of questions about her identity and when we start to sell casual clothes." Carla looked around and found that most of the whispers were heard by her.

"Becky did surprise me." Said Darrow, and Becky disappeared from the stage after she turned around.

Everyone in the room was saying how beautiful she was, how amazing she was as soon as

Becky stepped off the runway. They were all touched by her. Becky was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.

"Really? Don't comfort me. I was so nervous just now. " Becky said with a smile.

"It's amazing. I have seen the editor in chief of a fashion magazine company, the boss of a designer company. They all nod their heads frequently." Edward also said excitedly, "There is quite a large amount of data on the Internet, and people are asking you who you are and when we can sell casual clothes." "Becky, you are really our lucky star!" Mary rushed over and hugged her, and the others also hugged her.

All the efforts over the past few days had now turned into reality and received the best reply, which made everyone so happy that they almost cried.

Becky was embarrassed by their compliment. She smiled and said, "it's all your contribution." This dress was designed by them and she was trained by them as well.

It was them who made her the woman who was stunning today.

"Yes, all of you are here to make contribution." David answered, "let's go. Let's go back to the backstage first."

In the evening, at the celebration banquet of "Echoes".

Victory was actually a commercial cocktail party.

The party was bustling with people wearing luxurious clothes. As the host, Darrow and Carla were terribly busy.

Vivian and her members as the designers of the show were also popular and important.

Becky was also the focus.

She amazed everyone on stage today, and a strange face aroused everyone's curiosity.

Someone wanted to know who she was and why she was so popular. But Becky hid in a corner early to relax herself when nobody noticed her.

As Myron Ling walked over with a glass of wine, she was enjoying a piece of strawberry crepe unconsciously.

He raised his eyebrows and said with interest, "I don't think those female models dare to eat dessert like you." Becky turned to him and said indifferently, "I'm not one of them." Myron Ling sat opposite her and asked, "Aren't you afraid of getting fat? You girls always pay attention to your figure, don't you?" He had been surrounded by a lot of women, including ladies and actresses, and even some office white collars. They all had a deep control over their diet? Who dared to enjoy such a generous dessert? "People who don't get fat don't need to be afraid." Becky said confidently.

She liked eating strawberry crepe since childhood. If she was fat, she would have been fat already.

Myron was amused by her.

"You did a great job for the show." He continued, "but it's a pity that I've heard that you don't have any plan to enter the entertainment circle. Otherwise, I would be interested in signing you." "Thank you. But I don't have this plan yet." Becky said.

"Not now.

If you want to step into the entertainment circle, you can consider JONA Entertainment first. I promise you will become famous." Stated Myron Ling. He still didn't want to give up.

"JONA Entertainment?" Was it the domestic entertainment tycoon that owned half famous stars in the entertainment circle? "Well, what do you think? Think about it? " Myron Ling asked hopefully.

After all, in the domestic entertainment circle, there was no better choice than his family.

"Not really." Said Darrow in a peaceful voice.

Hearing that, Becky and Myron Ling turned their heads at the same time and found that Darrow and Carla had come to them.

"Carla, Darrow." Becky called them with a smile.

After half a month with Darrow, she was not as alienated as before.

"Myron, are you trying to compete with me for the model?" Carla laughed.

"What are you talking about?" Myron Ling spit it out and came to his senses after a while. "Don't tell me you are going to head for the entertainment circle as well." "I plan to do that." Darrow said casually, sitting next to Myron Ling.

With astonishment on his face, Myron Ling looked at Carla who just sat down next to Becky and confirmed, "Are you serious?" "'Echoes' has been successfully founded, so our next goal is to plan a series of projects centered on it." Said Carla.

Myron Ling was Darrow's friend for many years, so Carla didn't keep the secret and replied, "We will set up an agency under l Z International Corporation and train a group of our own models." "So, Becky is mine. You'd better not mess around." "Wow, the setup and ambition of yours are too exaggerated, aren't you?" Hearing that, Myron Ling exclaimed.

It seemed that Darrow and Carla wanted to invest in every industry and make a profit.

Carla smiled and did not refute.

Myron Ling then looked at Darrow, clinked glass against his and said, "Well, in this case, I won't compete with you." "You can't take her either." Said Darrow.

His tone was still very light, but very confident and calm.

Therefore, after a long time, Myron Ling still believed that Darrow was premeditated on Becky.

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