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   Chapter 7 The New Product Release Of Echoes (Part Two)

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Darrow looked pretty in shirt, especially white shirt.

Although Becky had only seen him for a few times, every time he wore shirts and trousers. It was simple but expensive. He looked better than those male models and stars.

He was a good-looking boy.

But it was too cold to approach.

Becky thought in silence.

They didn't say anything on the way.

After getting in the car, Becky bowed and rubbed her aching legs. At this moment, she looked a little tired.

Darrow caught a glimpse of her expression from the corner of his eyes. He frowned and asked, "Are you tired?" Becky was surprised that he talked to her, but she quickly replied, "I'm fine. My legs are a little sore in high heels." She didn't usually wear high heels, so she couldn't stand it for a whole day.

"Yes." He responded and drove the car out of the parking lot.

When Becky was still thinking about what "yes" meant, Darrow said, "If the strength is too great, you can tell them to reduce it." "No, thanks." Becky continued to rub her shins, "Since I have promised to do this, I will try my best. I can't reduce it just because I feel tired.

I can take this." Hearing this, Darrow turned his head and looked at her.

He knew that she meant it, not just to put on an act.

It was just like last night she said that she would earn her own tuition through her own efforts, not to receive the gifts and comfort from Carla.

He looked at her side face, feeling that the bright light in her eyes seemed to flow into his heart.

"Sounds reasonable." After a while, he said.

"Of course." Hearing that, Becky was a little smug for a moment, "If I want to do it, I have to do my best. This is my principle."

Darrow smiled.

If she wanted to do it, she had to do the best.

Her principle was coincidental to his style.

Becky saw Darrow's smile.

The corners of her mouth couldn't help curling up as well.

She even suddenly felt that seemingly distant Mr. Darrow was not that difficult to approach.

Half a month later.

At the site of the first new product press conference of "Echoes".

Though the brand was just established, it was the symbol of l Z International Corporation to march into the clothing industry.

With the background of the l Z International Corporation, many fashion giants in the field had come. They deigned to come here for the show or just for the sake of their business.

The site was decorated in modern style. The floor could clearly see people's face and the light was warm. Everything was exquisite.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the backstage. Becky sat in front of the dresser, letting the dresser put on her makeup.

Carla stood beside her and looked at the fabulous girl in the mirror. After a while, she asked, "Becky, are you nervous?" "Yes." Becky said with a smile, while playfully shaking her sweaty little hand.

She was going to start the show today. She

was inexperienced but vital. Now all the people here was looking forward to the performance of her, so she was absolutely nervous.

Carla smiled and patted her on the shoulder, comforting her, "It's all right. Just perform as usual." "Okay." Becky replied.

Carla glanced at her watch and said, "It's time to go. I'm going to the door. Vivian will be here with you."

"Okay, you go ahead with your work. I'm fine." Becky said.

"Take it easy." Then Carla added, "After the press conference is over, I will celebrate your victory in the evening." Becky nodded, "Okay." Carla smiled and touched Becky's hair, then she turned and left in a hurry.

As soon as Carla left, Vivian and David came to Becky.

"Take it easy, little beauty." David said in a coaxing voice, "You are the most beautiful one in the whole models, even in the audience." Becky smiled, "Thank you, David. I won't let you down." "Relax. Just walk as usual. Don't give yourself too much pressure." Said Vivian.

"Yes." Becky replied.

"Your makeup is ready." After the make-up was done, the make-up artist put away the make-up remover in her hand.

"I'll accompany you to change your clothes." Vivian said to Becky.

Becky stood up and followed Vivian to the dressing room.

In front of the stage.

When Carla came out of the backstage, she was surrounded by the media journalists.

"Echoes" this show was well confidential.

Media journalists only knew that recently the company had been blatantly searching for the first model. But nobody knew who was lucky enough to be favored by company.

Therefore, journalists were full of curiosity and intend to make it.

"Miss Carla, could you tell me which model is qualified enough to be your model for the opening show?" "I heard that your standard for the first model is very strict. So, do you think the model you selected is qualified now? Or is it something you can't decide? " "Whether the model meets the requirements or not. When the press conference begins, you can have a look," Carla replied with a proper smile, "About the standard of being strict, I think everyone has his own understanding.

I always strove for perfection." "l Z International Corporation has never stepped into the clothing industry since its establishment. What makes you decide to develop this market?" "In a completely basic situation, you locate 'Echoes' as the best. Isn't it too hasty?" "I heard that all the designers of "Echoes" are still very young. Then why did you choose them?"

...When the security and Carla's assistant finally arrived, they separated the reporters from the crowd and protected Carla. There was not much time before the opening show.

When Carla found Darrow and sat on the seat next to him, the host had stood up and walked onto the stage.

"What took you so long?" Asked Darrow.

"I ran into some reporters and was stopped." Said Carla.

Darrow didn't say anything more.

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