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   Chapter 6 The New Product Release Of Echoes (Part One)

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When Becky came out in her formal dress, Vivian was so surprised that she almost cried.

As the company was still in its initial form, the five members of their design department were all newcomers in the field of fashion design. They had a dream and a pursuit for fashion design, and they were also crazy about fashion design.

They had been discovered by Carla by accident and obtained a platform for development. Only then had they been able to enter the entertainment circle and grow up together with their dear "Echoes".

As a result, this new product release was not only the beginning of "Echoes", but also the beginning of them.

It was said that people had a very special feeling for "first time".

That was also what everyone in the office thought.

They had a special feeling for this show. From the beginning till now, they had been involved in the planning of it. They even had carefully chosen the makeup and accessories.

Vivian had spent a lot of time, energy and emotion on her first show.

Being chosen as the opening show had already given Vivian great affirmation and encouragement. Now she could see her design on Becky as if the design had been dressed alive. She was deeply touched.

Becky was still inexperienced.

But she still felt that no one could ever dress more stunning than Becky.

Becky was totally confused, totally at a loss, which added a special color to this fancy dress.

"Carla is my delight, my lucky star." Said Vivian excitedly.

It was Carla who found her and gave her the opportunity to realize her dream. Then Carla gave her such a perfect model.

She was very grateful to Carla.

Standing in front of a big French mirror, Becky curled her lips and said to Vivian, who was excited aside, "You're awesome!" Becky gave Vivian a compliment sincerely.

Becky handled every detail carefully.

With a big smile on her face, Vivian said, "I need you to prove it to anyone else. It won't work on me.

Becky, I have a hunch that you will surprise everyone in the press conference." Becky looked down at herself and said, "I don't care about that. I just want to do Carla a favor." Becky hadn't considered whether she would be amazed or not.

"Help?" Vivian was surprised to hear that. She had never thought that Becky just wanted to do Carla a favor. She said, "Becky, have you ever thought about being a star in the entertainment circle? Acting, singing or professional models.

You have great potential. In addition, as long as your face is in public, it's okay for you to be famous. " "I've never thought of that." Becky shook her head.

She had never thought about this possibility.

She had made an appointment with Clara to go to the Medical University and become a doctor. So she had never thought about other things.

"What a pity!" Vivian sighed and said to Becky earnestly as she looked at the dress Becky was wearing and carefully examined it, trying to find something to modify.

She believed that Becky was a suitable gir

l for the entertainment circle.

But she was not surprised about Becky's answer.

Since Becky was Carla's sister, she must be either rich or powerful. Becky didn't need to step into the entertainment circle to make money.

If they hadn't found the right person, Carla wouldn't have let Becky out.

With that thought in mind, she was not only grateful to Carla, but also grateful to Becky who was willing to help her get out of the trouble.

From the very beginning, the five people in the design department had some misunderstandings just because of what Carla said "Becky is my sister".

"This waistline needs to be tightened once more. Becky, you are too thin." After a while, Vivian changed the subject. With one hand holding the empty cloth around Becky's waist, she smoothed the hem of Becky's dress with the other hand. Becky was still thinking about her last question.

Entering the entertainment circle? But she had no interest in acting and knew nothing about acting.

sing? She could only sing at free time, but it was not qualified to be a professional designer.

Let alone dancing.

Although she had practiced when she was a child, she only learned casually, far behind professionals.

As for the professional model? Looking at herself in the mirror, she began to seriously consider Vivian's advice.

Becky had worked at the design department of "Echoes" for a whole day, so she was completely familiar with the five designers there.

Among them, Becky was outgoing and pure. They all liked her.

Moreover, during the training, although she was young, her attitude was very serious and she had never complained.

They sincerely liked this beautiful and delicate girl and were willing to integrate her into their team.

In the afternoon, Carla who was about to pick up Becky disappeared. Instead, it was her brother, the boss of l Z International Corporation, Mr. Darrow.

Everyone in the design department, including the whole company, was surprised to see the distant boss all of a sudden.

At the same time, the staff were a little flustered.

Becky was surprised too.

Although she lived in Carla's house and regarded Carla as sister, she was not familiar with Darrow, who always remained a poker face.

"My sister is busy for the moment. She can't go. She asked me to pick you up." Darrow said to Becky in a plain tone.

They were not familiar with each other, but they were not estranged.

"Thank you," Becky said politely.

Darrow glanced at her and saw her extremely beautiful face against the flamboyant red skirt.

He looked away, turned around and walked outside without saying a word.

Becky said goodbye to her friends. She grabbed her handbag and followed after him.

Along the way, the staff who greeted Darrow could only hear a "yes". Darrow didn't stay.

Becky walked a few steps behind him and looked at him secretly.

Darrow was at the height of 185. She saw that she was only tall enough to reach his shoulders a little bit.

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