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   Chapter 4 I Have A Candidate

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A week later.

Becky had fully recovered. Her mood was no longer depressed as before, and she was lively again. Her smile was bright.

She was an optimist. She was willing to look forward and didn't worry about those things that would make her sad.

But she still couldn't let it go.

Without sallow face and swollen eyes, she looked extremely beautiful.

Becky's oval face was very standard, with a pair of dark brown eyes which seemed to be filled with stars in the sky, a small nose, soft and plump pink lips.

Despite her beautiful face, Becky had a pure temperament. When the two were perfectly matched, there was no sense of conflict, and exuded a special charm on her.

The maids and the housekeepers were surprised at her, including Carla, who had been accustomed to all kinds of beauties.

She knew from the beginning that Becky was a beautiful girl, but she did not expect that she would be so beautiful.

Becky was like a well-crafted work of art by God.

She stayed in Carla's home for a week, got the best care and gradually got to know more about Carla.

Carla grew up abroad and just returned a few months ago. She took over the family business, l Z International Corporation with Darrow.

Carla had no close friends at all.

Carla seemed to be a kind and easy-going person, but in fact, she was full of coldness and estrangement deep down.

As a workaholic, Carla went to work after breakfast every day until it was dark. When she got home, she went to the study at once.

Although Carla had a good relationship with Darrow, neither of them expressed their feelings on the surface.

These were all what Becky knew from her daily life as well as from the housekeepers and maids.

Though Carla didn't stay long at home, Becky could feel that Carla really cared about her.

Becky was so lucky to have such a good friend.

In the late afternoon, she sat on the sofa in the living room watching TV while thinking about her future.

Although Carla said it didn't matter and let her live here peacefully, she couldn't stay here for free all the time.

She was confident in her own academic performance, but what about her tuition? She was used to accepting money without savings when she was at home.

Becky was angry with herself. If she had been a little far-sighted earlier and had accumulated more pocket money, she wouldn't have been so annoyed now.

Carla was only two years older than her. But Carla was already the vice president of a big company.

As for herself, she had no goal and could not live alone after leaving home.

She didn't know what would happen to her if Carla didn't take her in.

"Alas!" She sighed for numerous times today, and thumped the pillow in her arms. Her pretty face wrinkled.

"Why are you sighing?" It was rare for Carla to come home early. As soon as she entered the living room, she heard

Becky's sigh. Becky's little face was wrinkled and full of worry.

Carla couldn't help feeling a little funny.

She had seen Becky's bright smile these days. When she saw Becky's melancholy side again, she felt it was somewhat strange.

Becky looked up and saw the smiling Carla and Darrow who came back together with his sister.

"Carla, you are back." Becky threw away the cushion and stood up. The sweet smile on her face again.

It was the second time for Darrow to see Becky since she came back from the hospital.

He had seen Becky's ID card on the information, which showed that she was a very beautiful girl.

But when he saw Becky face to face, it made a difference.

She looked prettier and brighter in person.

With one glance and one smile, he thought she had nothing to do with the girl who had cried wildly that night and even fainted on the roadside.

"Yes," Carla answered and walked towards Becky.

Darrow slowed down and also walked towards the sofa.

Becky didn't know how to call him, but he had saved her life and was Carla's brother. She thought it was impolite not to greet him.

So she thought for a while and said, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Ji." "Hello." Darrow nodded slightly and sat down on a single sofa, which looked distant but polite.

Becky pursed her lips. She didn't mind his indifference. She took Carla's arm and sat down on another sofa.

"What are you sighing for?" Carla sat down and asked Becky the same question.

"I was thinking about the future." Becky didn't hide anything, "The test result is coming out tomorrow. I haven't decided which school to go yet.

Besides, I should find a job to earn my tuition, otherwise, how can I afford to spend my tuition fees?" Becky had made an appointment with Clara Yang to go to the Medical University together.

But she had run away from home and didn't want to go now.

Besides, being a doctor had always been Clara Yang's dream, not hers.

"Tuition is not a problem. I'll pay for it. Don't worry about it." Carla laughed and patted Becky on the head.

Carla didn't think it was a big deal.

"You just need to choose your favorite school and major." She added.

Becky shook her head, "I can't, Carla. I'm already embarrassed that I'm living here for free. How can I receive your money?" Carla had no obligation to support her.

She had hands an

d feet. She should work hard to earn money on her own rather than always rely on others and become others' burden.

Darrow was surprised that a girl who was just eighteen years old could have such thoughts and comments. His impression on her seemed to be a little better.

The girl tried her best to solve the problems she faced.

As Carla said, the girl was pure and honest.

"It's okay. If you feel embarrassed, you can take it as I lend you. You can return it to me after you graduate and get a job." Carla put forward another suggestion, "It's not a big deal." "Yes," Becky thought for a while and nodded. Then she continued, "I'll find a job first. If the new term is not enough, I can borrow some money from you." Smiling helplessly, Carla followed her and said, "Okay. But if it's really not enough by then, you have to be honest with me, okay?" "Thank you, Carla." Becky put her head on Carla's shoulder and rubbed against it like a child. She was deeply moved by Carla's thoughtfulness.

Carla touched Becky's head and her own face also softened.

Her lonely life seemed to be ended up since she met Becky.

Becky was such a bright and beautiful girl, warm and delicate, and she would care about and think for others.

She was like a colorful sun in Carla's life, warming the cold and distant she had been.

After getting along with Becky for a week, Carla had got used to the life with Becky. And she had completely treated Becky as her own sister.

She even began to feel grateful that she had taken Becky home by herself, who had fainted in the street and became homeless.

There was more laughter in this cold, lifeless and lonely house.

On the other side, Darrow also felt happy for his sister when he saw how affectionate the sister was.

At the same time, he unconsciously noticed Becky who was next to his sister.

She was very special.

This was the second impression Darrow gave to Becky.

The embarrassment and mess put Becky in the awkward situation when Darrow first met her.

After dinner, Darrow and Carla went to the study for a meeting. The idle Becky was so bored that she walked out alone leisurely.

She didn't walk far.

In the top rich area, the whole equipment was well-matched. She just walked to the artificial river not far away the villa and walked slowly along the river.

The starry night shone brightly in the summer sky.

The night breeze was warm and cold, bringing the heat of the day and the coolness of the night. The two entangled in the air and hugged her whole body.

She looked up at the stars in the sky and felt empty.

In the study.

After the video conference, Darrow and Carla sat face to face at their desks.

They were still talking about work.

"We have almost determined the models for the first show of 'Echoes', but after a week of search, we still haven't found anyone suitable for the opening show." In the end, they came back to this issue again.

There was only half a month left before the first press conference of "Echoes".

Darrow held the design draft with one hand and casually put the other on the table. His slender fingers gently tapped on the table. Nobody knew what he was thinking and his face looked heavy and cold.

Carla leaned back in the chair and rubbed her eyebrows with her hand holding a pen, a little tired and helpless.

"I've been wondering recently if we really have too many requests." Carla said, "If we still can't find the right person for the following two days, we have to make a concession and make do with it."

"There is one." Darrow put the design back on the table, and had a deep gaze.

As soon as Carla wanted to ask who he was, something occurred to her all of a sudden. So she asked directly, "You mean, Becky Ye?" Carla just realized it at that moment.

Becky did look like a good actress, which could match their works.

But Becky had never been in this field, so Carla had never thought about this possibility.

"It doesn't matter if she has no experience. There is half a month left for training." Darrow added, "Besides, if we start with her, we will be more eye-catching and surprise audience." When a woman's face suddenly appeared in the public eye, it was both beautiful and striking.

No matter it was out of curiosity or pursue of beauty, people would pay attention to her and the brand behind her.

"I'll ask her opinion later and see if she is willing to help us." Said Carla.

Reminded by Darrow, she could already imagine how Becky looked in the gorgeous dress on the design draft.

She believed that Becky would absolutely amazed everyone as long as she appeared.

When Darrow came out of Carla's home, Becky was still outside.

When he was driving, he saw her sitting on a bench by the lake, stretching out her legs, and looking at the starry sky with her hands on her sides. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

It was a very quiet scene, but somehow he felt very alive.

Maybe it was because he had seen her pretty face in the daytime, or maybe he was just seeing her feet waving on the ground in the dim street light.

The car was so far away that he could not see her in the rearview mirror.

Darrow drew back his sight but smiled.

He didn't even realize it.

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