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   Chapter 3 A Clean And Beautiful Girl

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As soon as she returned to her office and sat down, Carla received a call from the butler.

Becky's fever was gone. She had been put on a drip the whole morning, and now she was awake.

Darrow opened the door and came in. Carla looked up and said a few words to the butler before hanging up the phone.

"Who has a fever?" Darrow asked casually, walking to the opposite of Carla and sitting down.

He had just heard something like "fever is gone" on her phone.

"Becky Ye." Carla answered. She was afraid that Darrow didn't remember anything, so she also explained, "Becky is the girl we picked up at the bus station yesterday." Darrow raised his eyebrows imperceptibly.

In fact, Carla's explanation was completely unnecessary.

Because it was unexpected that even though Mr. Darrow didn't care much about these girls, the poor girl who was picked up by his sister yesterday had left a deep impression on him.

He always thought of her red eyes, her confusion and unease.

Becky was like a lost lamb.

"What a heartbreaking little girl! She was mumbling 'don't hit me' while she was unconscious because of the fever. It seemed that she ran out because she was hit by her father." Then Carla put down her phone and said, "I wonder what kind of father would do that to such a lovely girl." Carla had lived a life where her parents didn't love her, but her father never hurt her.

Although Carla hadn't seen her father since she was six years old.

"Why is it so strange?" Darrow sniffed.

Not every parents take their children as the apple of their eye. Aren't they the best example? Carla shrugged her shoulders and did not refute him.

"Well, forget it. It's only one month away from the first press conference of 'Echoes'. All the designers have come in with the first round of work. The list of models has been prepared. However, as for the opening work, I have thought it over and still haven't found the right person." Then Carla turned to her work.

"Echoes" was the newly established subsidiary company of l Z International Corporation. It was also their first step to enter the clothing industry, so they attached great importance to this project.

Both Darrow and Carla knew that if they wanted to make a brand famous in a short time, they must make it perfect at the first battle without any flaws and mistakes.

Especially they both demanded perfection in everything.

Taking the design file handed over by Carla, Darrow looked through a few pages and said, "First of all, check the list of the models. Then start to try on makeup.

The first models can continue to look for the girls, and choose two girls to be used as backup. If we can't find the suitable models, I have no choice but to compromise. " Carla paused on the screen.

It was a very gorgeous dress with milky white satin face, gold thread embroidery and eye-catching hemline.

It was a good one, but if the model couldn't control it well, she would definitely look mediocre or even vulgar.

That was why Carla couldn't find anyone.

She had called countless famous models, but she couldn't find the feeling she wanted.

"I'm wondering if I can go to the models schools of all the art colleges and start auditions, there might be some surprises." Carla said thoughtfully.

There must be more sparks with those new faces! New models were different from those successful supermodels who only had a consistent style. It would bring more freshness and enjoyment to the audience who had already been uninterested in new designs? Darrow nodded approvingly and closed the file in his hands, "That's a good idea, but our time is too short to make a large selection." "Let several designers go to a university. They designed the designs. No one knows the essence and soul of the designs better than them.

It's better and persuasive to let designers select their models by themselves. " "Okay. I'll ask my men to do it." Said Carla.

It was already dark when Carla came home from work.

Becky was still dizzy.

She had been lying on the bed for the whole day. Her body was sore and soft all over. She just got up and sat on the bed when Carla came to see her.

"I'm sorry to have gotten you in so much trouble." Becky apologized to Carla.

Becky had been put on a drip for a whole day and had just been pulled out the needle.

A cotton bud was attached to her white hand back to stop the bleeding. Her face was sallow and looked sickly.

"Don't worry. Take care of yourself." Carla sat down beside Becky and put her hand on Becky's forehead, "Do you feel better?" "Well, not that bad." Becky said.

Carla nodded, thought for a while and asked, "Becky, can I ask you something?" "Sure." Becky nodded.

"This morning when you had a fever, you kept shouting that you shouldn't be beaten.

Is that why you ran away from home? " Carla asked hesitantly.

After all, it was Becky's privacy. They just knew each other.

Although she took Becky in, she didn't have the right to pry into Becky's privacy.

She was worried that Becky really suffered from maltreatment, so she couldn't help but want to care about her.

"I don't mean to pry into your privacy. I just want to know your plan in the future." Carla explained.

Becky bit her lips and nodded silently when she thought of the slap her father gave her.

"I don't know.

But I don't want to go back. " Becky said.

She still didn't want to go home because she was still angry and aggrieved.

But she had nowhere else to go.

Carla saw her nodding and misunderstood that she was really afraid of going back because she was often beaten.

She stroked Becky's hair and comforted her in a soft voice, "It doesn't matter. You can stay here. You can stay as long as you like." She really felt sorry for Becky.

"How can that be? I have caused you so much trouble." Becky refused with embarrassment, "we are neither relatives nor friends. I really appreciate what you have done for me." Carla was just a stranger. She was grateful for what Carla had done for her. How could she have the nerve to be with Carla all the time?

"It's okay. I live alone anyway.

Besides, I don't have many friends here. You can stay here to have a chat with me." Then Carla added, "I haven't had many good friends since I was born." Hearing this, Becky thought it was hypocritical to refuse Carla again.

Besides, she really had no place to go.

"Thank you, Carla." She didn't know what else she could say to express her gratitude to Carla.

Carla smiled and shook her head.

"In the past, I didn't believe in fate, but now I do believe it." Carla said, "I've never made any real friends before, so I don't think it's necessary.

Generally speaking, they were just business partners and casual acquaintances.

But since I met you, I think it's not bad to have a friend who can talk, eat and go shopping together." Although she just spent a few hours with Becky, she believed in her own judgment.

The girl's eyes were clear, pure and honest.

Although Becky looked terrible at the first sight, her temperament was still noticeable.

Becky was so kind and pure.

She couldn't disguise such a look and temperament.

"I believe you, too." Becky also smiled slightly.

Although Becky's face was still sallow and weak, her mental state was obviously better.

She was also willing to believe that a fate was not about love, but friendship.

After leaving Becky's room, Carla plunged into the study to work. She thought for a while and called Darrow, telling him that she had decided to let Becky stay.

Darrow was her own brother and her only family in real sense, so it was necessary for her to tell him her decision as soon as possible.

Besides, she has no one else to call except Darrow.

"I like her, and she has nowhere else to go," Carla said, "I met her on the way and took her home. Maybe it's fate. Although I have just spent a few hours with her, I believe in my own judgment.

She is a very pure girl. She will make people feel very warm, different from the people around us." "Well, it's up to you. I'm fine with it." Darrow had no objection.

Anyway, Carla always had her own opinions when it came to doing things. He never needed to worry about it.

Besides, that girl was supposed to be a good girl since Carla was talking so highly of her.

But Darrow still called someone else.

"Miss Shu, go and check a girl named Becky Ye. She is from B City. She is eighteen years old.

Give me your reply as soon as possible." He gave the order calmly.

Although Carla had decided to stay with that girl who didn't seem to have ulterior motives, Darrow still wanted to make sure the girl wouldn't make any trouble.

The girl was a stranger to them and they were in a critical moment.

He couldn't be too careful.

He had always been cautious.

Becky was easy to investigate.

She was the daughter of an ordinary family in a small city with a simple background. It only took secretary half an hour to send the complete information to Darrow's computer.

Darrow looked at the beautiful face of the girl on the photo with a circle of blue background on the document. She arched her eyebrows lightly and didn't look like the girl who cried messy yesterday.

It turned out that underneath that pair of red and swollen eyes were such clear and bright eyes.

The lost lamb looked elated like this.

Her background and growing experience were exactly the same as expected.

Every stroke and every period was recorded clearly.

The only thing that surprised Darrow was her parents' love for her and her harmony friendships.

It was a little bit different from the saying that she left because she had been mistreated.

But it was a fact that she left.

"She was reported to be missing and was under investigation." The secretary Rita Shu replied.

Becky had been missing for more than twenty-four hours. Her family had already called the police.

"Block the news and inform the police," Darrow commanded.

Without asking why, Rita Shu just nodded and hung up.

Rita Shu was a very professional secretary. She didn't need to know the reason for what her boss told her. She just needed to execute what his boss ordered.

Darrow actually didn't think too much when he gave this order.

He just thought that it was not easy for Carla to make a friend, so he agreed to let the girl stay. In this way, Carla could have someone to talk with her and she wouldn't be so lonely.

Carla was too lonely over the past 20 years.

Besides, according to Carla's words, Becky didn't want to be found or go back.

What he had done just now was exactly good for Carla and Becky.

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