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   Chapter 2 Don't Hit Me

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Carla ended up taking Becky home with her.

They headed back to the Begonia Garden, which was known as the area in T City where the rich and famous lived. When they arrived, they were welcomed by an exquisite European style villa that had its own courtyard, along with a number of servants and a butler.

As it turned out, Darrow and Carla had different homes.

It was already getting late. So, as soon as he had brought the two girls home, he immediately drove away.

Out of curiosity, Becky asked Carla as she followed her into the room, "Carla, isn't your brother living here with you?" "Yes. He's living somewhere else. It has been that way since we came back," Carla replied.

Since they weren't in good terms with their mother, they decided to buy houses of their own before they came back from abroad. Neither of them wanted to go back to the old house at all.

Becky actually had a rather happy childhood with her family. For that reason, she had a bit of trouble understanding why Carla and her brother weren't living together. That being said, she decided not to pry too much into it and simply followed Carla into the room.

"Wow, you have such a beautiful home." Becky praised Carla with all sincerity.

As she was taking a look around the villa, the butler walked over and greeted Carla, "Miss Carla, welcome home." Then, he shifted his gaze toward the girl who was right behind Carla and asked, "Who might this lady be?" Becky's eyes were still bloodshot after all that crying, but in spite of that, she still looked so beautiful.

"Thank you for looking after the villa." With a faint smile on her face, Carla introduced Becky to the butler, "This is Miss Ye. She'll be staying at our house for a while. Please ask someone to show her to the guest room so she can get some rest." "As you wish, my lady," the butler politely replied. Then, he turned his head to greet a maid who had just passed them by.

At that moment, Becky couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry for troubling you, Carla." "It's all right. Don't worry about it. Feel free stay here for now. Why don't you have a bath and get some rest? I'll get you a change of clothes later. Try not to think too much of it," said Carla. "Okay," Becky replied, feeling so grateful toward her.

"This is my butler. You can just call him Paul.

I'll be in the company during the day. If there's anything that you might need, you can tell him or any of the other servants. Make yourself at home, okay?" Carla said, trying to make Becky feel at ease.

As they spent more time talking with each other, Carla grew even fonder of this pure girl.

"Oh, I see.

Thank you so much!" Becky expressed her gratitude toward Carla, feeling so warm and moved deep inside her heart.

She was nothing but a stranger to Carla, and they met each other completely by chance.

Be that as it may, Carla was very kind to her, making it seem as though they had known each other for a long time.

"Don't mention it. You should go ahead." As she rubbed Becky's hair, she glanced at the maid who was waiting for them and said, "Sue, take Miss Ye to her room so she can have a rest." "Yes, Miss Carla.

Miss Ye, this way please," the maid named Sue answered, and then she gestured for Becky to follow her.

"Thank you!" Becky thanked her politely and said good night to Carla. Then, she waved at the butler and headed upstairs with Sue.

Without a doubt, Becky was a very polite and well-educated girl. No matter who she was talking to, she would always treat them with great courtesy, even if they were of different standings.

A smile crept onto Carla's face as Becky left.

It was already the wee hours of the morning when Darrow got done with business and went out of the study. The house was so quiet since all of the servants had already gone to bed.

As he walked along the corridor leading to the bedroom, he passed by the kitchen and poured himself a glass of warm water. From out of the blue, the girl he met last night cropped up in his mind and he remembered her red eyes.

She was so flustered and ended up being such a mess that no one could recognize her features.

As he looked back on what happened, he began to wonder how such a delicate girl would have so many tears to cry.

Was she feeling so miserable? Even when he was a child, he had always been indifferent to other people. The word "family" only meant one thing to him, Carla. Because of that, he didn't understand sentiment.

For the first time in his life, he was curious about a peculiar girl. And a wisp of unnoticeable and somewhat weird emotions was brewing inside of him.

After he was done drinking the warm water, he put the glass on the bedside table and finally went to bed.

In contrast to the silent night in T City, the Ye family back in B City was still very much awake even at this hour.

The usually spacious living room was now crowded with so many people.

After Becky came running out of the restaurant in the afternoon, everyone assumed that she simply went home or went to a friend's house.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't until Peter Ye and his wife returned in the evening that they found out that she was missing.

They looked everywhere for her, but they couldn't find her.

They tried all possible means to search for her, including asking her friends and checking all the places she frequented, but all of them said that they hadn't even seen her that day.

After the clock struck twelve, Becky's grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and even Nicole Lu and Elsa Mu gathered in the living room, all wearing worried looks on their faces.

With her eyes bloodshot and her face filled with remorse, Helen Chen asked, "Where could Becky possibly be? We've already searched all of the places we expected to find her. Where else can she go?" Seeing Peter Ye smoking was something unusual. He smoked in silence and blew out smoke rings one after another without saying a word the entire night.

Becky's uncle, Bob Chen, was so worked up as well. With his eyebrows deeply knit, he picked up the phone as soon as it rang.

In such a heavy air, which was also filled with smoke, Nicole Lu and Elsa Mu looked like they were sitting on pins and needles.

If Becky had really gone missing, then there was no way they could

get away with it.

After all, they had given her quite a heavy blow that day.

She had left the two of them in tears.

Whichever way you slice it, if it hadn't been for them, Becky wouldn't have become so emotional.

But it was already too late.

Becky had already gone missing.

Nicole Lu and Elsa Mu were completely guilt-ridden, worried, and feeling remorseful for the elders of the Ye family, but there was nothing they could do about it.

It hadn't been twenty-four hours since Becky went missing, so no one could report it to the police.

All they could do was hope that Becky was just hiding somewhere they had no knowledge about, or possibly, the house of a friend they didn't know.

Perhaps the next moment she would walk through that door and come home like she always did.

However, the clock kept ticking and the night was just growing darker and darker. The door never moved at all, and they didn't receive any updates about Becky from the outside.

As time slowly went by, Maria Tang and Bob Chen's conversation over the phone had come to an end. Now, there was only Helen Chen who was sobbing quietly back at home.

"I shouldn't have stopped Maria when she was about to run after Becky," Helen Chen then whispered under her breath. "Where else could she have gone to? Would she run into some bad guys?" "Helen, please try to calm yourself down.

For all we know, maybe Becky is just staying over at her friend's house. She'll be home by tomorrow. Let's be patient and just wait for her to come back," Yolanda Yu said as she tried to comfort her.

"She's right. Let's just wait a little longer," Lucy Chen said. Then, she went on and added, "I think Becky just got angry and emotional today. She would definitely come back when she finally calms down." Everyone was left with no other choice but to wait.

However, none of them could've expected that they would still be waiting for Becky even after four long years.

That being said, they still had her contact information.

Becky was rather popular and was always chased around by thousands of people, so they all got information about her from the media.

But that was it and nothing else.

Just like her ordinary fans, they could only hear about her whereabouts from others.

Becky barely got an ounce of sleep that night.

She had been so emotional during the day, and nightmares kept her up all night.

In her dream, she saw Nicole Lu coming at her holding a bloody knife.

And Elsa Mu was so violent and wouldn't stop running her mouth.

After that were Grace Hu and Teresa Chen, who were closing in on her and driving her step by step toward the edge of the cliff.

But in the end, it was her father, who had always pampered her, who actually pushed her.

The slap she received from her father didn't really hurt that much.

But it ended up being the last straw that triggered her emotional breakdown.

A sudden feeling of weightlessness waked Becky up from her restless sleep.

Lying on the bed, she was caught in a daze in an unfamiliar environment.

She had been overcome by uneasiness and helplessness. It felt as if her heart had been filled with a black hole, boundless and devoid of a destination.

On the following day,

Becky had unexpectedly fallen ill.

She had such a high fever and everything felt like a blur. What's more, she even fell unconscious.

It was Sue who came over to wake her up in time for breakfast. She found Becky lying in bed, fully drenched in sweat and curled up in a ball under the quilt while shivering. From the looks of it, she was having chills.

After seeing her in such a state, Sue didn't dare to waste any time and hurriedly informed Carla.

Carla opted not to go to work. At that time, she was wearing a cotton dress, which looked soft and warm, making her look approachable.

When she found out, her face quickly turned into a frown, as if it was her own sister she was worried about.

The doctor was on his way to the villa. After checking the time, Carla sat down right next to Becky's bed and grabbed a wet towel to help Becky wipe the sweat on her forehead little by little.

"Turn up the temperature of the air conditioner," Carla leaned in a bit closer and whispered to Sue who was standing behind her. Then, she continued, "Take a clean pair of Pajamas and help Becky get changed." "Yes, my lady," Sue immediately replied.

"Please don't... don't hit me..." Becky was getting delirious. "Don't hit me, Dad... Don't hit me. I didn't. What she said isn't true. It's not... It's not like that at all. Don't hit me please." She kept on repeating those words. However, the expression she had on her face was not that of fear, but sadness.

Feeling sorry for this poor girl, Carla grabbed her hand and gently tried to comfort her, "Don't worry. No one's going to hit you. Becky, you don't have to be afraid. No one will hit you." Although she had no idea as to what exactly happened to Becky, she was able to realize something from those few words. She guessed that Becky's father had hit her, and that was the reason why she ran away from home to escape.

Watching Becky as she trembled in her sleep, Carla felt a little sorry for her.

Right then, Carla began to wonder how she could be so patient with a girl she hadn't even met before.

From yesterday when she sent Becky to the hospital and until she took her home. Until now, everything Carla had been doing wasn't like her at all. But she still did it, and not once did she ever think that there was anything wrong with it.

With her efforts to comfort Becky, Becky gradually calmed down, but she still held onto Carla's hand tightly.

There was an important meeting Carla had to attend in the morning.

As she looked at her watch, she put Becky's hand back under the quilt. She stood up and said to Sue, "Sue, I need to go to work now. Take good care of her, okay?

Dr. Chen should be here any minute now. Give me a call if you need anything." "Yes, my lady," Sue obediently answered, carrying the clothes she just took to help Becky get changed. After walking Carla out of the guest room, she returned to the room and carefully helped Becky wipe her body drenched in sweat before changing into clean clothes. After she was done, she sat beside her and waited for the doctor to come.

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