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   Chapter 1 The First Encounter

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Night was about to fall.

In spite of that, T City was still bustling with activity. Although it was already late, the flow of people outside the station was showing no signs of decreasing.

Some of them were there on business, some were going back from school and heading home. There were a number of people walking by. Some were in a hurry, while others were taking their time; some were all by themselves, while others were walking in a group.

In the corner of a flower nursery in the South Square, Becky Ye was curled up in a ball.

She had a beautiful white dress on, yet she didn't seem to care whether it got soiled with dust or not.

When she came running away from home in the afternoon, she came across a bus heading toward the station. With a plethora of emotions brewing up inside her, she ended up acting on impulse.

She had no regrets whatsoever about running away whenever she was feeling anxious.

However, when she finally calmed down, she realized that there were no familiar faces around her, so she couldn't help feeling uneasy and became panic-stricken.

Time was passing by and it was getting dark.

Of all things, she was most afraid of the darkness, not to mention she was currently on a city completely unknown to her.

Even so, she just really didn't want to see anyone at the moment.

Most importantly, she didn't want to see her.

The train heading to T City was the first one to arrive when she got to the station, so she hopped in and ended up in that place.

It was summertime. The weather was so intense that there was still a hot breeze even in the evening.

All of the street lamps were lit up along the way. Beneath the foggy white light, a few little moths were flying about, trying to seek brightness and warmth.

After pulling over by the side of the road, Darrow Ji passed through the South Square and saw the small white figure right away.

She stood out like a sore thumb.

With her arms wrapped around her knees, she buried her head into her arms. Her body trembled slightly, making it seem like she was crying.

Taking another look, he walked past her with a blank look on his face.

He wasn't the type to poke his nose into other people's business. In fact, he couldn't even be bothered to so much as take a glance at irrelevant people.

Of course, sometime in the future, everything would simply go to show that Becky Ye had never really been an irrelevant person to him.

Given that the sister and brother pair had just returned from abroad and taken over the family business, it was all just a time of great disturbance.

There were lots of people who wanted to have the company to themselves. They had no familiarity toward Carla Ji and Darrow Ji, but only had doubts in their minds about these two who had grown up out of the country.

To prove their capability and silence the opposition who wanted to take over the company, as the deputy CEO, Carla Ji decided to visit the neighboring city to discuss a big project. After making sure that it ended up being a success, she came back immediately.

Carla Ji and Darrow Ji were talking about the current work in progress as they walked. These two were typical workaholics.

At this point, Becky Ye's feet started feeling numb from all that squatting. So, she finally stood up, waved her long legs to wake them up and tried to look for a place to stay the night.

After all, staying here all night wouldn't be a good idea.

With her head kept low, she slowly took a couple of steps. But because her legs hadn't fully woken up yet, it was a bit hard to walk around and she was feeling a bit weak.

As she walked toward Darrow Ji and Carla Ji, none of them noticed what was in front of them.

In such a weak state, Becky Ye ended up crashing into Darrow Ji's arms.

This left the two of them stunned for a moment, and even Carla Ji felt so surprised.

Becky Ye unconsciously raised her head to look at what she bumped into. At that moment, Darrow Ji could clearly see the uneasiness and panic in Becky Ye's bloodshot eyes as well as the bewilderment on her face.

"I'm really sorry." When Becky met his dark eyes, she quickly took a few steps back. Feeling so embarrassed, she lowered her head and didn't dare to look at him again. She quickly explained herself and apologized, "I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm sorry I bumped into you." After crying incessantly for such a long period of time, her voice had become so hoarse at this point, making it so unpleasant to the ears.

Many years later, when someone asked if Darrow fell in love with Becky at first sight, he instantly denied it without even a bit of hesitation.

Then, someone from the media asked him if he still remembered how his first meeting with Becky went.

He only said one word: awkward.

After all, she was indeed such a mess back then.

Her hair had been disheveled because of the wind that time, and her face was filled with tears. On top of that, her eyes were bloodshot and as red as a rabbit's. It seemed as though she was caught in a daze and feeling so lost, which made it difficult to see her unparalleled beauty.

Although Becky was caught in a rather tight spot at that moment, when Darrow saw the tears in her eyes, he felt as though something had struck a chord in his cold heart.

Darrow didn't say anything, and the same went for Becky.

But unlike the two of them, Carla took a look at the poor girl who seemed so restless and said in a gentle tone, "It's all right." She couldn't help wondering what happened to the little girl that would make her cry like this.

She felt sorry for her right away. Then, she handed her a tissue and tried to comfort her in a soft voice, "Wipe your face.

Please don't cry. Crying is going to make you look so unsightly." Hearing this, Becky was taken aback, and she simply whispered under her breath the words, "Thank you". But just as she was about to take it, everything around her went black.

Before she could do anything to react, she fell unconscious and her legs gave out.

As he stood in front of her, Darrow managed to catch the girl before she fell on reflex. With the girl in his arms, he turned to look at his sister who was just as surprised and said, "She fainted." Looking at the unconscious girl in his arms, her face turned into a frown. She just couldn't remain calm because of this.

"She's such a pitiful girl. We should take her to the hospital first," she suggested.

Darrow couldn't say no.

In truth, he couldn't explain it himself, but for this helpless and unfortunate girl whom he hadn't touched—let alone seen—before, his frozen heart seemed to have been thawed and he felt sorry for her.

Perhaps it was simply because she was really in quite an awkward situation.

He just couldn't help but feel pity for her.

Becky woke up in a hospital bed.

Her surroundings

were mostly white, and the smell of disinfectant filled the air in the room.

Apart from her, there was a man and a woman sitting in the ward. From the way they looked, it seemed that they were about one or two years elder than her. Although they were still quite young, people would say that they were so composed.

The girl was sitting on the chair beside the sickbed. Her dress was the latest version for the season, and she had a perfect oval face. What was more, she had outstanding facial features, and she was so soft and gentle, much like a young lady who had a good upbringing.

The boy was sitting on the other side of the room. He had on a simple white shirt paired with black pants, which gave off the vibe that he was difficult to approach. But he wasn't that hard to notice at all. Even if he wasn't doing anything there, he would still be doozy.

When Carla noticed that she had finally regained consciousness, she smiled at her and asked, "Are you awake? Do you feel any discomfort?" Hearing this, Becky simply shook her head in response. Based from the clothes they were wearing, she knew in an instant that they were the people she bumped into outside the station.

At that time, it was already dark—add to the fact that she was feeling so down in the dumps—so she wasn't paying attention to their appearance.

'I didn't notice that they were such beautiful people.'

"Did you drive me here?" she asked, feeling a bit shy. "Yes," Carla flatly answered. Then she went on and said, "The doctor said that there's nothing wrong. It's just that your mood had fluctuated too much. And it seemed that you had nothing to eat all day, so you fainted. You'll be fine after getting some rest." "Thank you," Becky said, pressing her lips afterward.

If she hadn't run into them, she would have passed out on the street. Anything could have happened to her.

"It's no big deal. Where do you live? Would you like us to drive you home?" Then Carla continued, "I was meaning to contact your family as soon as we got to the hospital, but I couldn't find your phone or their phone number for that matter after checking your bag." When she heard her question, Becky replied in a low voice, "My home is in B City. I ran away because I had an argument with my family. I don't want to go back." Hearing her response, Carla turned her head and glanced at Darrow.

'I see.'

No wonder she fainted after tearing up and not having anything to eat all day.

As she thought of the things Becky had gone through, Carla could somewhat relate deep inside.

When she and Darrow were six-year-old, they were sent abroad by their parents. Her father had no love for their mother, and they cried most of the time.

But as time went by, they just got used to it. With no one else to rely on, they had stood by each other's side. And little by little, they stopped wanting to get their parents' meaningless love.

"Why don't you just move in with me?" Carla suggested after giving it much thought.

As he sat quietly on the sofa, Darrow raised his head and glanced at her and then at the poor girl lying on the bed. He pondered about it for a while but still didn't say anything and just continued to look at the screen of the laptop on his lap.

"Won't it be too much of a bother to you?" Becky asked, feeling a bit hesitant.

She wasn't worried at all that Carla could actually be a bad person, or that she might have any weird intentions on her.

On one hand, Becky had been so used to having a rather simple living environment ever since she was a child. It would almost be impossible for her to think ill of others.

Besides, if they were bad people, they wouldn't have bothered to bring her, who had fainted, to the hospital, and stayed by her side until she woke up.

And not only that, she actually felt secure when she listened to Carla's voice.

It was a bit odd. After all, Carla was a perfect stranger for her, but for some reason, Carla could make her feel so at ease.

But they just ran into each other today.

She fainted on the side of the road. They brought her to the hospital and stayed by her side until she regained consciousness. Even just that was already a big act of kindness.

How could she continue to impose on Carla?

"It's no big deal. Trust me. And I live alone anyway. You can keep me company so that I won't be alone," Carla insisted.

If she were completely being honest, she, as well as Darrow, had never been fond of meddling in other people's affairs.

But it was strange that when she saw this pitiful girl, she couldn't help herself from getting compassionate toward her.

She could have simply sent her to the hospital to have her checked, but instead of doing that, she decided to wait until she woke up.

When she found out that she had nowhere else to go, she asked Becky to just live with her.

Strangely enough, Darrow didn't say a word about it whatsoever.

Later on, Carla would attribute all such strange events to fate.

It was fate that brought this beautiful girl named Becky Ye into the cold lives of the twins and gave them so much warmth and loving.

But that was a story for another day.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." After a long time, they had finally reached this stage. "My name is Carla Ji. And the man right there is my twin brother, Darrow Ji," she said as she pointed at Darrow who sitting on the sofa.

Darrow looked up and glanced at her, nodding his head slightly.

Of course, Becky had heard these big names before.

They were Darrow Ji and Carla Ji, the siblings who had taken over l Z International Corporation.

A few days ago, she read the news about them with her grandfather. There, it was said that the two of them had just returned from abroad at that time. They attended their father and elder brother's funeral and took over the family business, the I Z International Corporation.

She only found out about it recently, but it actually happened over two months ago.

Never would she have imagined that she would be able to meet them and that they would be so gentle and caring.

"Thank you. My 18th birthday was actually just a few days ago," Becky politely replied.

Carla's smile felt so soothing. In the warm sunshine, Becky seemed to feel a little less sad.

"Well then, I'm two years older than you. You can just call me Carla," Carla said as she held Becky's hand and pulled her up, "All right, we should go back home first." With that, she turned around and called Darrow, who had still yet to say anything.

He only nodded, putting away the laptop as he stood up.

Becky proceeded to get out of bed as well.

She was still feeling so lightheaded, and her legs were as weak as cotton which had been stepped on.

Carla leaned in a little closer and helped her stand up. Then, Darrow walked out of the ward, with the two girls following closely behind.

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