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   Chapter 398 Please Don't Go!

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Then, a familiar voice sounded in her ear, "Don't go, okay?"

Rachel wanted to struggle.

"Let go of me, Clark" said Rachel, gritting her teeth! "What the hell do you want?"

He replied, "Nothing. I promise I won't do anything to you tonight. Let's have a good sleep together." Clark's voice sounded that he was drunk.

"You are doing something to me now!"

Clark had to relax his hands, but still held her in his arms. "I need you, and you need me, don't you? How about we warm each other up?"

Clark's voice was full of bewitchment, which made her body tremble.

"Warm up? I'm not cold at all," Rachel replied with no interest.

Suddenly, she felt something behind her neck. "If you don't agree, I'll do something now."

Clark threatened her.

"No!" stunned, Rachel refused in a hurry, "Don't touch me, or I'll shout. There are many bodyguards in and out of my house."

"They are not as fast as me. Do you think I have done something before they come in?"

Rachel had to surrender. "We agreed not to do anything, or I'll call for help immediately!"

"Okay." Clark finally became obedient and stopped moving.

Rachel's heart beat so fast that even she herself could feel that her heart was about to jump out.

But it seemed that Clark was really tired. He gradually loosened his grip on her.

Soon, Rachel heard a snore from behind.

Her nervous heart gradually relaxed. After a while, she felt sleepy and fell asleep with him.

That night, the two of them slept soundly. Neither of them woke up halfway, nor did they have the strength to do anything.

On the second day, Clark woke up first. Looking at Rachel's beautiful face, he suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction.

This woman was his.

She was his from the very beginning. Till now, she was also his. In the future, she would still be his.

They were destined to be together all their lives.

Clark stretched out his hand to draw the outline of her facial features. Her nose was exquisite, her eyebrows were like mountains, her eyes were watery, and she had a small cherry mouth. Her skin was white and flawless, and her long hair was soft...

It seemed to be the first time he looked at her at a close distan

ult for you. I'm more relieved with the presence of Clark. After all, he is good at dealing with the internal affairs of the company!"

When Gabriel said this, Clark's eyes fell on Rachel, and his eyebrows were slightly raised.

Rachel said unhappily, "Grandpa, we can handle it ourselves. Don't bother others all the time. If those old employees had any objection, why don't we just fire them directly? Those who don't listen to me will waste resources and increase internal consumption if we keep them."

Gabriel smiled helplessly. "You are so young, Rachel! Those people have been working in the company for so many years, and they have a lot of resources! How long will it take for a new employee to adapt to the new environment? How much effort would it take to obtain stable resources? Have you ever thought about this?"

Rachel was stunned. She just said it casually.

But Gabriel's warning was right, which made her realize that if she didn't want to shake the foundation of the Gu Group, she shouldn't fire the staff at a large scale. Instead, she should retain the core employees, and make those employees trust her and be willing to work for her. That was the right path.

"Grandpa, I just said it casually." Rachel lowered her head with embarrassment.

Clark smiled and said, "It's okay, Mr. Gabriel. She just wants to piss me off."

Gabriel was stunned and didn't understand what Clark meant.

Did something happen between the two last night?

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