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   Chapter 375 You Knew the Difference

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Hearing this, Henry immediately showed a pitiful expression and reported to Rachel, "Yes, Miss Rachel is so righteous. Your little follower is so fierce. She is a female tyrant! She can even scratch my thick skin. Be careful that she won't find a man in the future!"

"It's none of your business whether I can find a man or not," Eva retorted with her arms akimbo.

Henry couldn't help smacking his lips and said, "You are not bad looking, but you have a bad temper. Who can bear it? Alas, if you can't find a man in the future, come to me if you have nothing. I'll reluctantly take you in!"

"Bah!" Eva spat, saying, "Take me in? I don't want a level three cripple like you!"

"Cripple? Where am I disabled?" Henry asked innocently.

Eva looked him up and down with disgust and said, "Your face is just normal. But you don't have a good figure. You are not a strong man. It seems like you are only 1.7 meters high... Anyway, you are a level three cripple in my eyes!"

Seeing these two quarreling with each other, Rachel felt happy. They should have been together.

Henry thought that Eva was invincible. No one could stop her from quarreling!

"I think you have an eye disease. It's time to check your eyes." Henry shook his head and said.

Hearing that, Eva stretched out a pair of claws to grab him!

"Ah, I'm so scared!" Henry jumped into the living room. Rachel was almost thrown back, but fell into a broad embrace.

"Are you okay?" Clark's voice came from behind her.

Clark had been standing behind her for a long time, watching the fierce fight between Henry and Eva with her.

Rachel was a little embarrassed. She quickly stood up and coughed, "Well, your Henry was disfigured. He deserves it. You'd better take good care of him! Don't mess with Eva next time."

Then she took Eva's hand and left in a hurry.

"Well, miss, I haven't taken revenge on him yet! Wait a minute. Let me settle accounts with him first!" Eva struggled to turn around.

Clark shook his head and closed the door.

Rachel let go of her and frowned, saying, "You are a girl. How can you really scratch him? Do you think you are just a kid?"

"He is so hate

put down her phone and received another message, "Go back with me tomorrow? I can accompany you on the way."

Touching the screen of her phone, she hesitated whether she should go back with him or not.

Finally, she texted back, "Eva has booked the air ticket."

Clark replied in a second, "Henry is on his way as well."

'Will they meet again on the road? 'Rachel wondered.

When she was thinking, her phone rang.

Rachel panicked and almost threw her phone away!

She calmed down and answered, "Hello?"

"You haven't gone to bed yet?" Clark's hoarse voice from the other end of the line.

"Well," stunned for a while, Rachel replied, "You are the same, aren't you?"

"Why don't you come to my place? Or maybe I go to your place?" Clark suggested.

"We just met." Rachel wanted to refuse, but she couldn't say it directly, so she had to change the subject.

Clark kept silent for a few seconds and said slowly, "Really? I have already missed you. I want to see you again."

"Just talk to me on the phone." Rachel didn't want to talk nonsense with him.

Clark had to say directly, "I want to take you home to see Grandpa. He misses you."

"No." She refused without hesitation.

"He has never failed you and has always been on your side. How could you refuse to see him?" Clark was confused.

Rachel replied in a cold voice, "I will go to see him, but I don't need you to take me there, You know the difference."

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