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   Chapter 374 Tried His Best

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After Clark changed his clothes, she had been waiting for five minutes.

The five minutes were really a long time for her. The scene of the two embracing each other kept flashing in her mind, making her blush and her heart beat fast. She felt hot all over.

Sitting down in front of her, Clark looked at her calmly and asked indifferently, "Tell me, what's the matter?"

"I want to know if you asked someone to do something to Chester's company?" Rachel tried her best to suppress her anger.

Clark nodded, answering, "Yes."

"You are so honest," said Rachel with a mocking look on her face, "Is it necessary to do this?"

"I have told you earlier," Clark said seriously, "You can't be with him, or I will deal with him. I'm never joking, but you don't seem to take my words seriously."

Rachel frowned and said unhappily, "I'm not with him now and I'm not engaged to him. Do you need to do this by all means?"

"In order to get what I want, I never care about the consequences, especially women. You're the first woman I've tried so hard to get. If it weren't for you, how could I have used such a special method?" Clark shrugged and said.

Rachel was pissed off. She stood up and scolded, "Clark? Shame on you! When did I let you chase me? When did I care about your crush? Can you stop thinking about me? You can pursue any woman in the world, but not me!"

"It's too late," said Clark, shaking her head, "You have planted a love root in my heart, and it's hard to break it. Even if there are thousands of beautiful women in the world, I'm not interested in them at all. Besides, you are the first woman in my life. How can I let you go?"

"The first one?" Rachel suddenly found that he had added a new function recently, which was to make a cold joke!

"Didn't you have an ex-girlfriend, Anna, before me? Back then you were about to get married, nothing happened, right?" Rachel looked at Clark and asked.

Clark nodded and said, "Yes, we were almost engaged before you. But I have never touched her, or she wouldn't have hated me so much and humiliated me in such a disgusting way later. I want to emphasize that you a

t's separate and calm down. I'll go back tomorrow. You can go back too!"

"I don't need to calm down. I'm always calm and know what I want." Clark stood up and said stubbornly.

Rachel glanced at him and replied coldly, "I'm sorry. I need to calm down. My mind is in a mess. I can't promise you anything in such a daze."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Clark had to nod.

After a pause, Rachel asked, "Can you give up attacking the Jiang Group? They are innocent."

"Unless you promise to be with me," Clark insisted.

"You..." Rachel sighed, saying, "When did you become so stubborn?"

"Because of you." Clark stared at her and said.

Rachel found that she couldn't stay here any longer, because what Clark said could break her psychological defense in minutes, making her unable to think at all.

She turned around and left.

When she opened the door, she saw Henry and Eva standing on the left and right, looking at each other.

"What are you two doing? Eavesdropping?" After glancing at the two, she finally fixed her eyes on Eva.

Eva lowered her head awkwardly, pointed at Henry and said, "He wanted to listen and I wanted to stop him. He wanted to eavesdrop even though I scratched his face all the time. I had no choice but to stay here and cover his ears."

Surprised, Rachel turned to look at Henry. As expected, there were several blood red scars on his face. "Eva, you are too cruel, aren't you?"

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