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   Chapter 373 Hugging for One More Minute

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Rachel and Eva fought all the way back to the hotel. Following them from a distance, the two men looked at different targets.

When she returned to her room, Rachel was exhausted.

Eva said excitedly, "Miss, I think we are at the right place. It's so interesting. The scenery is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and we are both in a good mood!"

Rachel looked at Eva with a smile and asked, "Do you have a crush on Henry?"

Eva blushed and reached out to beat her. "What are you talking about? If Mr. Henry heard it, how could I face him?"

"It seems to be true?" Rachel seemed interested and started to tease Eva, "It's good to be with Mr. Henry. He's handsome and rich. You don't have to work hard."

"Who said that?" Eva immediately retorted, "Mo matter whom you marry, women have to work hard, or they will be worthless at home and can be abandoned at any time."

Raising her eyebrows, Rachel said, "You have a high ideological consciousness!"

"I learned that from you," Eva said, sticking out her tongue.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Eva ran to open the door. Standing at the door, Chester said to her lightly, "Eva, please leave us alone for a while. I have something to tell Rachel."

"Okay," Eva replied awkwardly and then walked out of the room.

Chester came in and closed the door as well.

Rachel looked at him uneasily, because he didn't look good at the moment. She didn't know what happened and he looked so serious.

"Rachel," said Chester, who sat down beside her and sighed, "I wanted to stay with you longer, but something happened in the company, so I have to go back now."

"What happened?" Rachel immediately became vigilant and asked.

"Nothing. It's just a malicious competition between peers. I'll go back and deal with it." Chester didn't want to make Rachel worry, so he said casually.

Rachel seemed to have guessed something and asked, "Is this because of Clark?"

"How do you know?" Chester was a little surprised.

He didn't want to tell this to her. Clark was the reason that she was worried and couldn't sleep well at night. However, she had guessed it.

Rachel gave a bitter smile and replied, "He

handsome men, but none of them was as attractive as Clark.

All of a sudden, Clark reached out to hold her in his arms and pressed her face against his chest. Her hot face was pressed against his hot skin, which made the temperature around the two people rise a lot.

"Don't do that." Rachel reached out to push him, but was firmly imprisoned and unable to move.

"One more minute. I really miss you. I need you." Clark's voice became hoarse.

Being bewitched by him, the matter that she wanted to blame was forgotten.

Rachel stood quietly, listening to his strong heartbeat... She felt safe and comfortable.

It seemed that she also needed a sense of security.

She began to feel that something was waking up in her heart and wanted to respond to his love.

But at the same time, she was very clear that she couldn't do this. She couldn't continue to entangle with him like this.


Rachel suddenly pushed him away and broke the harmonious scene.

The two flames in Clark's eyes gradually extinguished, and his face returned to normal. He asked indifferently, "What's the matter? Tell me!"

Rachel walked out of the room and said hurriedly, "I'll wait for you in the living room. Come to see me after you get dressed!"

Clark shrugged at her back. He didn't expect that the two of them had already had sex, but she was still so shy.

Even so, he still decided to respect her, so he slowly changed his clothes in the room.

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