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   Chapter 357 Self-defense Skill

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Amanda smiled awkwardly and shook her head. "Since she went to America, she has changed her phone number and hasn't told us! If you have her number, please let me know!"

Mike agreed without hesitation. "Okay, I'll give you her number. It's convenient for you to contact her in the future!"

As Mike spoke, he quickly read out the phone number of Rachel and asked Amanda to save it.

Amanda sent the number to Clark, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Please help me to find out where she is now."

"I know where she is. Let me go with you tomorrow!" Clark said indifferently. Then he turned around and went upstairs into his room.

Looking at the number sent by Amanda, which was totally strange to him, he felt a lump in his throat. Since when did she start to be so wary of him?

Why didn't she tell him her new number? Even Amanda didn't know that.

When he saw the relaxed and happy look on Mike's face when he mentioned her, he felt like a heavy stone was blocked in his heart.

On the second day, Clark drove Amanda and Mike to the filming site where Rachel was.

Rachel was concentrating on the shooting, not knowing that a guest was coming from afar.

"Okay, stop!"

After the shooting, she was about to have lunch. When she turned around, she saw three people standing aside and looking at her in a daze.

"Mike? It's you. Why are you here?" Confused and surprised, Rachel ran towards Mike with excitement!

Mike opened his arms and ran to her with a smile, ready to receive her warm hug.

To his surprise, a black figure jumped past him and hugged Rachel!

Then, before she could stop, Rachel fell into a familiar embrace.

Clark held her tightly and said jokingly, "Long time no see. I didn't expect you to be so eager to throw yourself at me."

Mike and Amanda, who were standing behind him, were stunned. Their mouths were wide open!

Seeing this, the staff standing around them were also very surprised.

Everyone in the city knew that the affair between Rachel and Clark back then.

Now it seemed that not Rachel still loved Clark, but more like that he couldn't let her go!

After struggling for a while, Rachel found that Clark held her so tightly that she w

s just that there are some things that can't be explained in a few words. Since they are willing to follow, let them do whatever they want!"

Mike shrugged and said, "But I feel that they are not bad people."

Rachel said with a smile, "They are not bad people, but they have done something that makes me unhappy. I can't forgive them easily."

"I see," Mike shook his head and said. "I didn't expect a woman with such a good temper like you to have such trouble. Okay, let's just pretend that they are transparent and only the two of us are dating!"

"Ha-ha!" Rachel couldn't help laughing.

Clark's face darkened when he saw her smile.

Noticing the strange look on her brother's face, Amanda said helplessly, "Brother, stop staring at them. Pretend that we are shopping too! We haven't played together for a long time."

"She smiled so brightly to a foreigner, but her face is so cold to us. The difference is too obvious," Clark complained.

Amanda shook her head and said, "You know you owe her, right? Our whole family owes her. We should bear whatever she wants to torture us."

"It's different," Clark said.

He was so upset when he saw her smile at Mike. He wished he could pull her behind him and face Mike himself.

Unfortunately, he only dared to complain behind her back, and did not dare to really go forward and pull her over. He was afraid that when the little woman was angry, she would call out a group of bodyguards to deal with him!

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