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   Chapter 354 A Huge Difference in Strength

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Alisha still wanted to say something, but Rachel yawned and went upstairs directly. "Bid, see the guest out!"

Bid grabbed Alisha's collar and dragged her out rudely.

Bid regretted. If she had known that this woman was here to make trouble, she would not have let her in!

"Rachel Yan, just wait and see! Humph, I won't let you go..." Alisha was still shouting.

Crack! Crack! Bid slapped her two more times.

Alisha was about to cry. If she kept slapping her like this, her face would be terrible.

She was too careless today. She didn't bring any bodyguards with her. Otherwise, she could have fought with them and she wouldn't have been so humiliated!

Only then did Alisha realize that she had underestimated Rachel!

She was no match for her at all. It seemed that she had to go back and think about how to deal with Rachel. She should know herself and her enemy, so that she would not be defeated later!

Rachel returned to her room and lay on the bed, but she couldn't fall asleep again.

Eva came with the medicine. She had hired a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to nurse her body these days. Rachel had to drink traditional Chinese medicine every day.

"Miss, you know it's that woman. Why do you let her in?" Eva glanced at her, feeling sorry for her.

Rachel smiled and said, "I let her in because I want to tell her that she is no match for me in strength. There's no need to waste her energy."

While feeding the medicine to Rachel, Eva shook her head and said, "I don't think Mr. Clark has a good taste. His fiancees are all narrow-minded. They all come at you. It's so annoying."

"I think so too. Tell me, why does he have such a bad taste?" Rachel couldn't figure it out.

Eva shrugged and said, "Who knows! Maybe Mr. Clark is color blind!"

"Color blind? Ha-ha!" Rachel was shocked by her words, and the medicine in her mouth was sprayed with laughter.

Eva frowned slightly and said seriously, "I didn't lie to you, my miss. I am serious. Look, what's so good about Anna? She is as vicious as a snake demon. What about Alisha? She is as stupid as a pig. She doesn't know what's going on before she comes to challenge you."

Rachel thought what Eva said was very reasonable, so she nodded in agreement. "Yes, one is vicious and the other is stupid. What a strange taste! He can accept all k

ally different!"

"He will think that I'm not good at raising children. He will think that I tell you to do that. He will dislike us and it will even affect your brother's future! Do you know how many children he has outside? Your bother and you are not his only children!"

Eunice's words shocked Alisha.

She had been living in an environment that her parents were in good relationship. She didn't know that, in fact, under her mother's calm smile, she was living a miserable life.

The reason why Eunice had been so careful was that she wanted to her brother and her to have a complete family and live a well-off life without drifting from place to place!

But if they made a mistake, their father would abandon them without hesitation!

Alisha was a little scared, but she was still unwilling to give up. "Mom, can I only live in such an aggrieved way? I'm not reconciled. I'm not reconciled!"

"My child, please. Don't involve me and your brother because of personal affairs, okay? You have to think about the overall situation!" Eunice tried her best to persuade Alisha.

But Alisha stumbled out of the door as if she had lost her soul.

"If I cannot count on my family, then I'll find a helper!" Alisha swore to herself.

What Rachel didn't know was that the Xia Family was in such a situation. Fearing that she would cause trouble to her family, she quickly called to remind them.

Hearing this, Mr. Joshua couldn't help laughing. "Rachel, you have underestimated your uncle's ability. In our eyes, the Xia Family is nothing at all!"

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