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   Chapter 352 A Sleepless Night

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Eva was shocked and quickly covered Rachel's mouth with her hand. "Miss, don't say such despondent words. Your body is indeed a little worse than before. If you find a good doctor and slowly nurse it, you will soon recover to your original health."

Shaking her head helplessly, Rachel said, "But I can't let it go. The past is always in my mind at night, lingering. I want to forget them all, but I can't. What do you think I can do? If it weren't for the people I am still concerning, I really don't want to live in such a daze..."

Hearing that, Eva stopped her in a hurry and said, "Miss, if Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Joshua hear what you said, they must be very sad. It's not easy for them to recognize you as their granddaughter, but you are saying such ominous words here..."

"All right," said Rachel, shaking her head. "For them, I have to cheer up. I can't let them sad. After shooting this play, I'll take a month off!"

"Really?" Eva was surprised. "Then I'll tell Randall not to arrange work for you anymore!"

Rachel nodded, answering, "No problem."

Now she didn't have to worry about the plays or movies or lack of money at all. If she continued to work like this, she was afraid that her body would not be able to bear it.

After shooting 'The endless cycle of life', the previous play 'A Sword In Three Years' might be about to be displayed, right?

Rachel thought for a while and thought that maybe she could take advantage of this holiday to shoot some easy advertisements to maintain a certain heat.

Now she was indeed getting more and more popular, and many directors wanted her to act for them. But it was precisely because of her popularity that she was hated by others while she was rich in resources.

It was not bad to slow down.

Hearing Eva say Rachel needed to rest for a month because her health, Randall nodded and said, "No problem. Let her have a good rest. Don't worry about her work. We have recruited many trainees and are training them."

"When Rachel is free later, we can discuss how to change the studio into an entertainment company. As the boss behind the scenes, if she feels too tired to shoot and wants to quit the entertainment circle, we will have no objection!"

Eva was excited to hear that. "Okay, I'll have a good talk with her. I feel bad for her every day when I see her work so hard."

After h

nsciously, she reached out her hand and calculated. 'Nancy will be released soon, won't she?' she thought. She wondered if she had received her deserved punishment in prison. Had she changed?

At this time, the door was quietly pushed open. Eva came in with a pillow in her arms.

"My miss, are you awake again? Don't be afraid. I'll be with you!" Eva said as her body slipped into the quilt like a loach, closely clinging to Rachel's body, looking at her with a smile.

Through the bright moonlight, Rachel saw the sleepy eyes of Eva and felt a little embarrassed. "Why don't you sleep a little longer? I don't need anyone to accompany me."

"But I just want to be with you. I'm afraid you'll think too much." Eva held her arm and said intimately.

Rachel rubbed her nose and smiled, saying, "Silly girl, what does it matter to think too much? You always think too much, don't you? You've been drooling over the handsome man in the crew all day long. I don't know how many times you've thought of sleeping with them."

Eva curled her lips unhappily and said, "Miss, you are talking nonsense again. When did I drool over the handsome man in the crew? Mr. Joe is the prince charming in my heart. If he hadn't been married, I would have chased after him!"

Rachel smiled, threatening, "Okay, just wait! I'll tell Mr. Joe about it later and see if he will give you psychological guidance next time? Humph!"

"Miss, how dare you threaten me? Wow, I'm so scared!" The two of them twisted into a ball on the bed again, and laughter constantly floated out of the room.

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