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   Chapter 330 Bear The Anger

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Clark pressed the button on the recorder pen, and as expected, there came the crazy laughter of Anna. "Ha ha, Clark is a fool. He believes whatever I say! Yes, the Freda was picked by Rachel. She almost lost her life last time! "

"When I found them in the cliff Valley, they were only three hundred meters away from the exit. That idiot, Rachel, dragged such a heavy man to such a far place with blood all the way. I felt wronged for her!"

"So what? If she wants to steal my man, she should bear the consequences! It's true that she didn't kill my child. It was Nancy who killed him. But so what? she is pregnant with Clark's child, which threatens my future status. So she and her child deserve to die! "

"Hahaha What's the point of you killing me now? Since Rachel's baby was gone, she couldn't wake up. Even if she woke up, she would blame it on Clark. From now on, they were enemies! Hahaha... "

The crazy laughter of Anna came from the recorder pen, which made Clark so angry that he smashed the recorder pen to the ground!

"Damn it! I shouldn't have been softhearted to her! " Clark said with hatred.

Caleb lowered his head and said, "the Bai family Something has happened in America. "

"What happened? Dead? " Clark frowned and turned to ask.

"I guess so. Even if they were still alive, they might be disabled." Caleb said in a cold voice.

"Did you make it? " Clark asked in disbelief.

Caleb shook his head and said, "of course I don't dare to cross the line. I don't know who did it. "

"It's good that they are dead. If they are dead, they won't harm others anymore." Clark sighed and hurried home.

When Rachel arrived in the United States, she saw Randall and Michelle waiting for the airport.

"Rachel!" Michelle could see Rachel from a distance.

She ran to her quickly and said, "you're finally here. We miss you so much! Rachel."

Rachel immediately opened her arms and held her tightly in his arms. "I miss you too!"

Seeing that she was still a little pale, Randall hurriedly said, "let's go back quickly. Rachel is still weak. Mr. Chester has called a doctor to stay at home and await orders. As soon as you arrive, he will examine you and help you recover. You must recover to the best state!"

Michelle said in a hurry "Yes, i

cold man, but he was ruthlessly abandoned by his beloved woman. This must be very uncomfortable, right? "

Peter said helpless "Amanda, Rachel is the real victim, not your brother! The Gu family and the Wei family haven't settled accounts with us yet! Your brother made his granddaughter pregnant behind our back. Wasn't he wrong? Shouldn't he take the consequences? "

Amanda didn't dare to say anything more.

"Help me back to my room. I'm going to call the Gu family and the Wei family. I guess they are going to lose their temper on our Ji family! I'm sure that they won't let go of your brother in the business world. If you don't believe me, let's wait and see. The Gu family and the Wei family are very powerful, and ordinary people can't bear it! "

Amanda was taken aback by Peter's words. "Grandpa, what are we going to do?"

"What? Rachel has suffered a lot from us. Shouldn't our Ji family suffer a lot? How could there be so many advantages in the world? I have to warn your brother that he can't fight back against the Gu family and the Wei family! "

Peter's words made Amanda almost cry. "Grandpa, which side are you on?"

"Of course I'm standing in an objective position!" Peter replied bluntly.

After returning to his room, Peter called Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Joshua to tell them what had happened. As he expected, they couldn't swallow his anger and said fiercely, "how dare you let my granddaughter suffer such a big loss without any compensation? Just wait and see. We won't let it go! "

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