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   Chapter 328 Punish You Not To Sleep

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

Peter sighed "Okay, as long as you ask, I will try my best to satisfy you within the ability of our Ji family!"

Mr. Joshua sneered, "do you think we want compensation? Mr. Peter Your Ji family is rich and powerful. Don't you think the Wei family and the Gu family have nothing? Let me tell you, if anything happens to my granddaughter, even if we fight you to the death, we will not be softhearted! "

Peter nodded and said, "it's our fault. If you want to punish us, we will never say anything. My grandson just said that he wanted to marry Rachel and give her a family. What do you think of this idea? "

"You are willing to, but we are not! Humph, don't think that we really care about this marriage. Compared with my granddaughter's happiness, money is nothing, and man is nothing. If she doesn't want to, no one can force her! " Mr. Joshua was out of control.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Peter nodded "Don't be angry, Mr. Joshua. We are all old and half of us have been buried in the earth. We can't afford to be tortured. Calm down. Everything is negotiable, okay? "

Mr. Joshua gradually calmed down.

Mr. Gabriel turned to Peter and said, "if you are in integrity, we can sign an agreement first!"

"No!" Eva, who had been standing in the corner all the time, stood up and said bravely to everyone, "you can't make decisions for Miss Rachel!"

Mr. Gabriel frowned slightly. "Eva, why do you say that? We just want to fight for benefits for Rachel. "

"master," Eva hurried to him and said, "Miss Rachel came to see Mr. Clark this time because she wanted to say goodbye to him. She once said that if Mr. Clark refused her, they would have nothing to do with each other in the future. She planned to develop abroad and give birth to that child But now, the baby is gone. If you use an engagement to bind Miss Rachel, I'm afraid she will live a more miserable life! Every time she sees Mr. Clark, she will think of my dead child! "

"At that time, she also said that if Mr. Clark agreed to be with her, she would tell him with the rest of her life how much she loved Mr. Clark! Unfortunately, everything was ruined! Although miss Rachel is in a coma now, as her playmate who grew u

"When she was sad, the person accompanying her was not you, but me and other friends. So I know her better than you. Even if she wakes up, you won't get her forgiveness. "

"Although I didn't win her love, I'm at least luckier than you. I have the right to continue to be with her, to go through everything with her, and to walk a longer path with her And you, from the moment you refused her at the engagement party, all your opportunities have been used up. "

Clark turned around and looked at him indifferently, "I don't ask her to forgive me, nor do I ask her to give me another chance. I just want her to wake up and live a normal life. If she keeps lying on the bed like this, everything we say will be in vain. "

"Wake up?" Chester sneered "Perhaps she doesn't want to wake up to face you, to face the cruel fact of losing her child, and to live in such a ambivalent environment!"

Clark didn't say anything. He had to admit that what Chester said was right.

"You can leave now. I will take care of her until she wakes up. Anyway, I won't give up! " Clark ordered coldly.

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Clark. We have signed a lot of contracts and a big new world waiting for Rachel!" Chester sneered.

Then he stood up and left.

As soon as Chester went out, he saw Eva standing in the corridor waiting for him.

"Eva?" Chester was a little surprised.

Eva waved at him and said, "Mr. Chester, come here. I have something to talk to you."

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