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   Chapter 327 Clear Explanation

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Updated: 2020-06-28 18:38

Rachel was still in a coma, and the Internet had already exploded, especially the related video that had been uploaded hundreds of millions of times

Netizens commented on this matter. Some praised and some criticized.

"Oh my God! My goddess! I didn't expect her to be so brave! How could she take the initiative to confess her love to him at his wedding banquet? !"

"It's just blatant hatred! Anyone who ruined others' wedding must be punished! Otherwise, how could she be hit by a car when she goes out? "

"First she confessed her love to him, and then she sacrificed herself. This action of Rachel is really beyond our expectations. It's too shocking!"

"I heard that the driver of the car accident in the video was Nancy? As the saying went, "when is the payback?"? !"

"The more I look at these two things, the more I feel that they are like a trap, a conspiracy. Otherwise, how could it be so coincident? She was hit by a car after she went out for nothing, and the place where she hit was at the gate of the hotel. If the one didn't seize the opportunity to move, how could the driver be so punctual? "

"In the past, Rachel and Fiona denied that they were not interested in each other. Were they just ordinary friends? now it's true? they cannot deny. they had to admit it! Sure enough, everything in the world is not groundless! "

Some people sympathized with Rachel because she was framed, and some liked her courage and determination to pursue love. But most of them scolded Nancy for her cruelty and doubted if it was a conspiracy

These videos and public opinions were spreading on the Internet, and the life and death of Rachel became the focus of all the netizens.

The Gu family and the Wei family knew the news at the same time and immediately set off for M city.

It took Clark three days to find out the spy in the company. When he saw the information about the spy in front of him, he was so surprised that his chin almost fell to the ground.

"It's her? !" Clark looked at the surveillance video in his hand in disbelief. It was Anna who frequently came to his office!

And the person who got the key from the Secretary office to open his drawer was still Anna!

Not only that, when Caleb had just sent the materials he had investigat

have a chance to stand up for you! "

Mr. Joshua's face darkened. He frowned even more when he saw Clark.

"Clark, what are you going to do with this? You should give my granddaughter an explanation, shouldn't you? " Mr. Joshua was much calmer than Mr. Gabriel. He wanted Clark to make a promise.

"I will marry her and give her a family. I will never let her suffer any more grievances!" Clark said in a sonorous and powerful voice.

Mr. Joshua's face softened and said, "it doesn't matter what you say. I want to see your parents and seek justice for my granddaughter! It's said that you have bullied her more than once or two times! "

Clark's face darkened. "I'm so angry that my grandpa can't get up to see you in person. he was faint. How about my parents? "

At this time, a voice of Peter came from the door, "I'm awake."

Everyone turned to look at the door and saw Amanda pushing a wheelchair in, on which sat Peter who had just woken up.

"Mr. Gabriel, Mr. Joshua, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I almost cannot wake up because I slept too long! Because I'm also worried about Rachel. I'm sorry. "

Peter's voice was still weak, but as soon as he spoke, Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Joshua were too embarrassed to make trouble for him.

They were all at the same age. Once they closed their eyes, they would fall asleep forever, so they all knew how helpless they were at this age.

Mr. Joshua snorted and said, "you come just in time. On behalf of your own family, give us a clear explanation!"

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