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   Chapter 326 Cancel The Engagement

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This bold idea made Eva feel a chill down her spine! If that was the case, then there was only one explanation for this matter. It was very likely that Anna saw them in the hospital that day and found some information from the doctor!

"This is too much!" Eva looked at Clark with resentment. "It's all your fault! What you have brought to my lady will always be hurt! You hurt her heart again and again before, and now you hurt her body again! She's covered all over with cuts and bruises. Why don't you let her go? "

Clark didn't retort. He had to take a lot of responsibility for this.

The two stood in front of the operating room. Eva kept scolding him, but Clark kept silent, letting her vent her anger.

After a long time, the light of the operating room finally went out.

Rachel was pushed out. When Eva saw Rachel's pale and lifeless face lying there, she suddenly burst into tears. The arrogance that had just scolded Clark was instantly extinguished.

"Miss, why did you become like this?"

Clark walked over and looked at the haggard Rachel. The light in his eyes was obscure, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Eva guessed that he must feel guilty? Otherwise, he would feel heartbroken.

After transferring Rachel to the VIP ward, the doctor called out Clark and said, "Mr. Clark, I'm sorry. The baby was lost and the patient is in a coma now. She doesn't have a strong will to survive. You have to find a way to stimulate her will to live, or she is very likely to become a vegetable and remain unconscious! "

Clark was shocked!


Eva couldn't believe what she heard!

Would she become a vegetable?

"My lady..." Eva was about to cry.

The doctor continued, "although this news will make you sad, if you cheer up and use positive and optimistic emotions to infected her, maybe she will wake up soon. After all, she is still so young."

"Thank you, doctor." Clark bowed slightly to the doctor and sent him away.

Staring at Clark blankly for a long time, Eva asked, "Miss, what should we do? Without her, what about me and the people in the studio? "

Eva was at a loss.

Frowning, Clark turned to her and said, "you are emotionally unstable now. You'd better take care of Bid first! I'll take care of

, Henry shook his head again.

"But those women are so cruel He might not be able to protect you. After all, there was no secret wall in the world? How can I have a perfect plan without any mistake? "

"I'm your loyal fan. I just hope that you can recover as soon as possible and work hard again to bring more good works to our audience!"

Henry didn't know what to say to Rachel. Although he appreciated her and liked her very much, he didn't know her too much, so he seldom talked about her.

Therefore, he simply told her his feelings after watching all of her movies and TV works, and greatly praised her acting skills Unfortunately, Rachel had no reaction to all this, and she was still in a coma.

The Ji group had already entered the heavy guard. It was under the close watch of the Ji group. While the Ji group was under the close watch of the Ji family, Clark went to investigate the mole in person, and Lucas and Penny also assisted him.

As for the murderer, Nancy, she had been put into prison, waiting for the judgment of the law.

Clark had called Mr. Kim to deal with the case in person. Nancy could have been forgiven, because Rachel didn't intend to hold her accountable.

But now, Clark had made a move and ordered Mr. Kim to sue her.

Just when everyone in the Ji family was busy, the news that the CEO of the Ji group was engaged to a woman and Rachel interrupted their engagement. she was hit by the waist by a red cayenne when she went out had been spread on the Internet

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