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   Chapter 325 A Trap

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Henry had never seen Clark so emotional. He was shocked for a long time.

"I will try my best..." After saying this with lingering fear, Henry didn't dare to have any more communication with Clark.

The top priority was to find a way to save Rachel's life

Amanda, who was driving in the front, had already been shocked by the news. She almost didn't know where to drive.

Her brother and Rachel...... That kind of relationship had already happened between them? She thought the relationship between the two was pure!

But since Rachel had a child, why didn't she tell Clark? Why should she bear all these alone? Amanda was confused.

But she also knew that it was not the right time to ask this question, so she kept silent and concentrated on driving.

When they arrived at the hospital, there were already several medical teams waiting at the door with several hospital beds.

As soon as the car stopped, the medical staff began to treat her in an urgent and orderly way, and Rachel was soon sent to the operating room.

The light of the operating room was on. Standing at the door, Clark looked gloomy.

"Brother," Amanda couldn't help asking, "what's wrong with Rachel?"

Clark just shook his head and didn't explain.

Henry sighed and said, "Amanda, you'd better not ask anything now, because you can't ask anything. This is the matter between the two of them. It's not appropriate for us to interfere. "

"But, Rachel..." Pointing at the operating room, Amanda opened her mouth but couldn't say anything.

The Ji family owed a lot to Rachel.

Clark owed Rachel.

"Alas," Amanda patted her head and said helplessly, "how could things turn out like this?"

Henry stood aside and kept silent.

Peter was also sent to the hospital, but he just had a high blood pressure and woke up soon. As soon as he woke up, he asked to see Rachel.

Unable to dissuade him, Lucas and Penny had to push him to the front of the operating room.

"What's wrong with Rachel?" Peter asked Clark.

But the expression

at? "

"She is pregnant with your child!"

Eva shouted at Clark's back, which made him stiff.

"When we left the hospital, we happened to run into you and Anna! Why didn't you stop her when Anna invited her to the engagement ceremony? "

"Do you really want to hurt her? Do you have to see her losing her life?! Clark, are you an idiot! Is she suitable for your engagement ceremony with Anna? You have severed your relationship with her. Why do you still want her to see your happiness and leave a psychological shadow in her heart for a lifetime? !"

Eva scolded Clark harshly, but he didn't retort. Instead, he frowned and suddenly asked, "did you meet Anna on the second floor that day?"

Eva was stunned and shook her head. "I don't remember. I don't think so."

"Does Nancy know that Rachel is pregnant?" Clark asked again.

Eva shook her head and said, "no one knows about it except for me, Bid and Rachel. If I have to say others, that's the woman doctor who did the pregnancy test for Rachel. "

"Then what's the doctor's name?" Clark frowned deeper.

Eva thought for a while and told the woman doctor's name.

Clark immediately took out his phone and called Caleb, "go and check something for me..."

Eva suddenly screamed, "is this a trap set up by Anna and Nancy? Whether she is pregnant or not, they want to kill Rachel! "

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