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   Chapter 324 I Can't Keep It

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Clark turned around and strode towards the door!


Behind him, Anna began to panic and called him in a trembling voice.

But Clark didn't turn around. Instead, he walked faster and even ran faster!

"Clark !" Anna shouted at him again.

By this time, Clark had disappeared from the gate.

The guests in the hall were all stunned. Last time when they were engaged, the Bai Family didn't show up. Now it was the Ji clan who regretted and didn't get engaged?

Two engagement made two jokes!

Compared to this, everyone felt that the confession of their goddess, Rachel, was even more amazing!

The people of the Ji clan were already confused and didn't know how to deal with this situation.

Amanda rushed out first!

Seeing this, everyone stood up and rushed out of the door. They still wanted to see the touching scene of Clark and Rachel hugging and crying!

The situation was completely out of control!

Everyone followed Clark out of the meeting room and came to the door of the hotel.

When Rachel was about to get on the car, a car rushed over from the side and crashed into Rachel whereas Clark was about chasing her!

It happened so suddenly and so fast that no one had expected it!


Even Rachel who was bumped was stunned for a long time!

Although Bid was the first to react, she pulled Rachel aside and tried to push her away, but the speed was too fast. Together with her and Rachel, they were hit two or three meters away at the same time, and their bodies fell from midair on the smooth ceramic floor of the hotel door!



The two figures fell to the ground one after another, and a pool of blood was smashed out from the ground. On the spot, Rachel was in a coma!

Bid was better. she rolled on the ground, pounced on Rachel and protected her with her body!

In the car, Nancy's eyes turned red. After hitting a person, she turned around and tried to crush Rachel's body.

At this time, when Clark came to his senses, he had already got on his off-road sports car and drove it directly to hit Nancy's car!


Another earth shattering crash of a car rang out at the entrance of the hotel!

The first one in the crowd to react had already called the police and the ambulance.

Everyone else was stunned.

Henry shook his head and said, "it's useless. Now it's hard to save Rachel's life, and it's impossible for her to save the baby. Look at the blood under her body She had a miscarriage. "

Henry pointed at the hand of Clark that had just been pulled out from her body and said helplessly.

Only then did Clark notice that his palm was covered with blood

He just learned that this stupid woman was pregnant with his child, but in less than a second, she was told that he was disqualified from being a father

"Damn it!" Clark threw a punch at the back of the passenger seat, feeling extremely regretful!

Henry didn't have time to comfort him. He took out the silver needle and stabbed it into Rachel's body, trying to stop the bleeding. She was likely to be hurt physically and mentally by the blow just now.

She couldn't keep the baby, and her waist and internal organs were seriously injured

Henry sighed and didn't know what to say.

Suddenly, tears fell on Rachel's face. Henry looked up in surprise, only to find a few tears in Clark's eyes.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

He had thought that Clark would never cry one day.

But now it seemed that the man did not cry, but not to the point of sadness!

"What about her? Can you save her? " Clark asked Henry again.

Henry continued to shake his head, "it's hard to say..."

"I want you to save her! if there someone to die, let me do it. But she must be alive! " Clark suddenly lost his temper. He grabbed Henry and roared with great strength!

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