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   Chapter 323 Two Jokes

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"What? You want to elope with me? " Rachel teased her deliberately.

"Okay," said Amanda excitedly, "I'm going back to work in the United States for a period of time. I'll leave the domestic company to the manager! Anyway, I have my family to watch over it for me. So what if I elope with you? !"

Rachel shook her head helplessly. Amanda was always energetic and positive like a child. She liked Amanda's character the most.

If it weren't for the existence of Clark, they might have become the best friends in the world?

"Take me in. If you are worried, just stay with me." Said Rachel with a faint smile.

Amanda didn't find anything unusual from her expression, so she had to believe her for the time being.

So, Amanda led her into the hotel. When passing by Penny, Rachel nodded and called out, "aunt.".

Penny also smiled back at her. Rachel had a good impression of her. Now that she knew that Rachel was the heir of the Gu clan and had a close relationship with the Wei clan, Penny thought highly of her.

What's more, Rachel had a very high position in the entertainment circle now. She could almost cheer up many fans. Her popularity was terrifying, and she had a lot of fans!

The more she thought about it, the more Penny felt that Anna was useless. Her parents were useless, and she herself was useless. Marrying into the Ji family was at most a parasite.

Looking at Rachel's receding figure, Penny said to Lucas, "Rachel is really a good girl. She is beautiful, capable, and good at acting. So many fans adore her."

"What's more, her family background is also very strong. She is now the future heir of the Gu family, and her mother's family, the Wei family, is also very powerful. Didn't Clark like her very much back then? Why did it turn out that it was Anna who was going to get engaged in the end? "

Lucas sneered "That only means your son is blind! I can tell at a glance that Anna is not a good girl. If he insists on marrying her, he will suffer in the future! "

Penny rolled her eyes at him and said, "don't speak so loudly. Be careful that that woman will hear you. When we get old in the future, we will be the ones who feel sad."

There were already many guests present, and each of them was one of the few big shots in M city. If it was in the past, Rachel would have visited

the beauty on the stage was Rachel. They couldn't help but take out their mobile phones to take photos and record videos

Staring at her, Clark replied coldly without hesitation, "we are clear now."

Anna was wild with joy. This time, Clark was finally going to cut off the relationship with Rachel!

"No," said Rachel, who was choked with sobs. She shook her head, grabbed his hand and put the floral bag in his palm. "Take these two things. We have nothing to do with each other from now on. Wish you happiness!"

Clark looked at the cloth bag in his hand in confusion.

Rachel smiled pathetically, turned around and left the scene quickly, running along the red carpet towards the door!

At this time, a trace of malice flashed through Anna's eyes.

"Miss, take care of yourself!" Eva hurried to catch up with her, but Bid had already caught up with her.

Fiona didn't notice the expression on Anna's face. He just looked at the cloth bag in his hand in confusion. When he checked the card, he frowned. It was a blessed Buddha with the words "Changxin Temple" and a familiar button?

He recognized the button. It was the cuff of his limited edition handmade famous brand shirt. When he came back, he asked why there was a button missing on one sleeve?

However, the buttons on this shirt were different, so Clark suddenly remembered. At the same time, he remembered what the two had said in the valley after falling off the cliff

"Rachel..." Clark frowned deeply. For some reason, he suddenly had a strong sense of foreboding.

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