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   Chapter 321 Accidental Pregnancy

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The assistant lowered her head and asked, "then what should we do? Do we need to arrest that woman? "

"Arrest her?" Anna sneered "I won't lift a stone to hit my own feet! Nancy's parents died because of Rachel, and her family property was gone. She could only sell her body to struggle in the entertainment circle. Therefore, no one in the world hated Rachel more than she did. "

The assistant asked in surprise, "you mean you want to kill her with someone's knife?"

"Ha ha," Anna didn't take it seriously. "Nancy used to borrow me to deal with Rachel and killed my child. Now I just give her a dose of her own medicine! Blood for blood! "

Then Anna turned around and left.

The people in the ward had no idea what had happened outside.

After a long time, Rachel finally woke up.

She felt a little weak. She turned around and looked at Eva and Bid, who were standing aside and looking at her worriedly. She couldn't help laughing. "I just had a sunstroke and caught a cold. Why are you so nervous? You look as if you are facing a formidable enemy. "

Eva gritted her teeth and finally decided to tell her the truth.

She stepped forward and held the test list with both hands. "Miss, don't be excited. Check it yourself!"

Rachel looked at her doubtfully, took the examination sheet and read it carefully.

"What does it mean?" Pointing at the examination results, Rachel asked, "eight weeks pregnant?"

"You are pregnant. You are carrying a baby." Eva looked at her and said uneasily.

"baby?" Stunned, Rachel looked up at her flat belly. There was actually one more The seed of Fiona?!

This idea suddenly exploded in Rachel's mind like a dull thunder!

"No, it must be a mistake!" Rachel came to her senses and shook her head. She couldn't believe it.

Eva couldn't stand it anymore. "Miss, what happened that night two months ago? We just don't know. Don't you know? !"

Eva's words reminded Rachel of the time when she and Clark had sex in the hotel

But it wasn't just the first time they had sex. It happened to be this time?

"What should we do now? What sho

d our engagement ceremony?"

Rachel stared at Clark. He didn't say anything, nor did he show any expression. He just looked at her coldly.

Rachel smiled bitterly. This man was like winter and summer sometimes.

What else could she miss? Since Anna insisted on embarrassing her, how could she not satisfy her wish? It's a good chance to say goodbye to their feud and go abroad!

"Okay, I will attend your engagement ceremony." Rachel took the invitation and handed it to Eva.

Eva stamped her feet with unwillingness. "Miss, how can you listen to this woman's instigation? We are going abroad soon. What does their engagement have to do with us? Is it necessary for us to go there? "

Rachel smiled "Since I have to say goodbye, let's have a complete farewell! We've known each other for a long time. Stead fast."

It sounded like she was talking to Eva or Clark.

A trace of surprise flashed through Clark's eyes, but soon disappeared in his deep eyes, and his eyes dimmed.

Rachel turned to Anna "We're leaving now. See you then."

"Okay, you must come. I and Clark hope we can get your blessings!" Anna shouted at the back of them.

Rachel paused and smiled bitterly. Finally, she walked towards her car.

On the way, Eva asked confusedly, "Miss, you know that you have gone to their engagement party, and Anna will try her best to humiliate you. Why do you still ask for it?"

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