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   Chapter 320 Pregnant

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Sometimes, Penny really wanted to scold Clark, hoping that he could wake him up and not make such a mistake.

"If you really want to repay her kindness, we can use other ways to repay her. Why do you have to lose your marriage and the rest of your life?" Penny said while shaking her head.

But from beginning to end, there was no expression on Clark's face.

"Mom, you don't understand." After saying that, Clark turned around and left Penny's room.

When Clark went downstairs, he saw Amanda sitting on the sofa and watching TV. It was "Looking for murderer at the West pass".

"How many times have you watched it? you still watch this TV? " Clark frowned and said unhappily.

Amanda snorted, "it's none of your business? If you dare, don't use my phone to send messages to others! "

It was not until then that Amanda knew that Clark had done such a shocking thing without telling her. She called and sent a message to Rachel, but got no response.

She knew that Rachel was really angry this time. She really didn't want to have anything to do with anyone in the Ji family.

Clark said indifferently, "I'm your brother. What's wrong with using your phone?"

"Brother, why are you so domineering?" Amanda complained.

Clark glanced at her expressionlessly and said nothing.

"But," Amanda asked curiously, "you asked her out for a night. Nothing really happened?"

Clark rolled his eyes at her and refused to answer such a question.

"Alas," Amanda rubbed her chin and fantasized, "I really hope that something will happen between you, so that your relationship may have a chance. At the same time, I'm afraid that something really happened to you, because you are really sorry for her. "

Clark remained aloof.

Seeing that he didn't answer, Amanda couldn't wait to ask, "brother, why don't you say something?"

Clark put down his phone and looked up at her. "Stop dreaming. There is no possibility between us anymore. Your future sister-in-law is called Anna, not Rachel. "

"Humph," Amanda said with contempt, "I don't call Anna sister-in-law. So what if you insist on marrying her? Anyway, in my eyes, she will never be a member of the Ji family! "

After that, Amanda turned off the TV and went upstairs angrily, ignoring Clark.

In the hot summer in Eva and the weather of more than thirty degrees, Rachel in

appened to be seen by Anna who was about to come to see a doctor.

This trip to the Gangnam province was for relaxation. Coincidentally, Anna was not feeling well these days, so she came to the doctor and did a pre pregnancy examination.

It was time for her to make preparations. Anyway, she was going to be engaged to Clark soon. If her physical conditions allowed, she might soon be able to give birth to children for the Ji family.

Looking at Eva's receding figure in confusion, Anna said to her assistant beside her, "go and ask what's wrong with that woman just now."

"Yes." Anna's assistant was a slick talker. As soon as she entered the office, she got the important information.

"Miss, the doctor said Eva is pregnant. She has been pregnant for two months." The assistant replied in a hurry.

"Pregnant? How could she get pregnant without a boyfriend? Let's go and have a look. "

The two of them soon followed Eva to the ward of Rachel. Through the glass outside the door, Anna saw that the person lying on the bed was Rachel. She could not help but feel shocked.

"Is the pregnant woman Rachel?" A trace of surprise flashed through Anna's eyes.

The assistant next to her said, "the doctor just said that the woman named Eva fainted because of sunstroke. She was mistaken for having sunstroke. In fact, she fainted because of lack of rest and nutrition during pregnancy and high-intensity work."

"Ha ha," Anna sneered, "it seems that there was something fishy between that woman and that night when Clark didn't come back all night."

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