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   Chapter 319 A Crazy Night

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Not long after, the air was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere. The bed was shaking violently, but Rachel didn't give any respond to him. Tears were streaming down from the corners of her eyes

The more she behaved like this, the more flustered Clark became. He tortured her more crazily, from day to night, to the second morning

Bid, who was waiting for Rachel downstairs, had already passed out by Caleb. she lay in the car and fell asleep quietly.

The second day when Rachel woke up, she felt sore all over her body. When she looked up again, she found that one of the man's legs was placed on her belly, which was extremely heavy.

An inexplicable anger rose from the heart of Rachel. She raised her hand to move Clark's legs away with difficulty and reached out to rub her painful stomach.

Clark also woke up. He turned around and saw her frown. A trace of panic flashed through his eyes. He quickly asked, "are you okay?"

"Fuck off!" Rachel said angrily "This is the last time I've fulfilled your wish. From now on, we two don't owe each other!"

Clark stood up silently, put on his clothes and left.

Rachel stood up and took a shower to get rid of the smell of it.

After today, she would never have anything to do with him, would she?

Under the water, Rachel couldn't tell whether it was tears or water.

It's finally over. Say goodbye to this city.

A few days later, Rachel's studio was officially moved to the Gangnam province.

As for what happened that day, Rachel kept Bid's mouth shut and no one could mention it.

After she went back, of course, Eva and Ceil would ask her where she had been that night.

To this, Rachel just replied indifferently, "Amanda broke up with her boyfriend and complained to her the whole night."

In fact, it was her and Clark who really broke up with each other.

the old couple of the Gu family was the happiest people because their granddaughter came back to the Gangnam province.

"Rachel. You don't know how worried we are about you. We let you face the wolves of Yan family alone. We can't eat or sleep well, so we only worry about you. We wish we could fly to you!" Freda was excited to see her granddaughter safe and sound.

Holding her hand, Rachel smiled and said, "Okay, grandma, I'm fine now. Don't worry. It's all over now. Dad and mo

s on performing.

Slowly, she became the serious Rachel she used to be. Although it was an urban love movie, she would never miss every expression, eyes, and action that should be done properly.

The new director was also very impressed by her serious attitude. He often praised her for being active and serious in front of all actors and actresses. It was reasonable to say that she was famous.

Two months later, in the Ji family.

With Henry's active treatment, the wound on Clark's waist gradually healed, and the engagement was put on the agenda.

Lucas and Penny rushed back from the United States, preparing to hold the engagement ceremony.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you that marriage is not a game? Clark You have to think it over. Your wife will be the one you will spend the rest of your life with. You have to carefully choose one. " Penny sighed.

However, Clark replied indifferently, "Mom, I have no way back now. If I can't marry the woman I love, then who else can I marry? "

"What are you talking about?" Penny glanced at him angrily.

Clark didn't care about it at all. He said indifferently, "it's just engagement ceremony and we haven't been officially married yet. Even if we are really engaged, we still have a period of time to investigate Anna."

"Alas, she is not easy to deal with. If you didn't insist on marrying her, I would never agree. Clark Thinking of what she had done in the past, all of them were immoral? Does such a woman want to marry into our family? A toad wants to swallow a swan! "

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