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   Chapter 317 No Nostalgia

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After a while, Nancy hung up the phone, tears streaming down her face.

Seeing this, Teresa's heart sank. "Is it true?"

"Mom," Nancy cried hysterically, "I don't have my father..."

Teresa stood up blankly and walked out.

"Mom, where are you going?" Nancy stopped her immediately.

Teresa stopped, turned around, looked at her blankly, and suddenly smiled, "child, you can't have a mother who is a murderer. My existence is a huge stain to you. Only when I die will others say that you have a mother in prison... "

"Mom!" Nancy was shocked. Was Teresa going to commit suicide?

Teresa turned around and walked towards her step by step. With tears on her beautiful face and a desperate expression, she said pathetically, "my child, if I continue to live, there are only two consequences. On the one hand, I live a life like ghosts. Two is to be caught by the police and imprisoned for a lifetime. "

"Either of these two days is not what I want. We have done too many bad things. The evidence is all in the hands of Rachel. She won't let us go. Your father is dead, and only when I am dead and pay two lives of the Gu family will you not be held accountable by Rachel. "

"Kid, you are still young and you are not married yet. You can't easily ruin your future. But we are different. Your father and I are old. We don't owe anyone in our lives. We owe you. Let me do the last thing for you! "

"Mom!" Nancy cried so hard that her voice was hoarse and her eyes were swollen like walnuts.

With a determined look on her face, Teresa stopped crying. She grabbed Nancy's hands and smiled bitterly, "in the past, when your father was alive, I never took him seriously. I just took him as a tool to achieve my goal and asked him to do this and that for me. I didn't expect that when something really happened, he was still the one who took the blame for me. "

"Now I understand how much your father loves me. I used to think that he only loved my beauty, not me. For so many years, I have turned a blind eye to what he has done for me. But now, I understand that he is the only man who really loves me in the world. "

"My child, please, let me completely relief! I don't want to go to jail, nor do I want to live such a life of hiding. I want to go to the heaven meeting of your father to make up for my love for my husband as a wife. Please... "

Nancy choked with

d. Your parents have died. You are the only one left. If you don't cooperate with me, how can you take revenge? "

"It's none of your business!" Sitting in the big villa of the Yan family, Nancy shouted at Anna, "what did you say when I wanted to cooperate with you? Now, your plan has failed, and you want me to be your scapegoat? I won't be fooled by you! "

"You! How ungrateful! Do you think we can deal with her alone? This woman is above you and is already at the top of the entertainment circle. She is now famous. Even if we cooperate, we may not be able to deal with her! " Anna turned around and left angrily.

Nancy immediately fell into a state of depression. Why did things turn out like this?

After everything was settled, Rachel felt that there was nothing to miss here anymore.

From the beginning to the end, it was all because of the help of Chester, and Clark had never showed before.

Maybe it was not true love? Feeling that she had completely given up on him, Rachel began to pack up and prepared to go the Gangnam province to return to the Gu clan.

The new movie was shooting in the Gangnam province, so she could say goodbye to it. Although there was still some time before the filming, it was good to accompany grandpa and grandma.

When the old couple of the Gu family heard the news, they had already been nervous. They had always wanted to see Rachel, but she refused and insisted on them waiting at home.

Before leaving, Rachel received a message from Amanda. "I'm waiting for you in room 1302 of the hotel. Please come as soon as possible!"

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