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   Chapter 316 Terrible Public Opinion

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Then, Randall called Monica and said, "let's start!"

On the way back to the community for Rachel, a small marketing account on the Internet quietly released a news, "a certain female star family is a murder group. They once framed the parents of another female star in the name of smuggling. They are afraid of missing the information, and unexpectedly killed the innocent servants!"

The words were accompanied by several pictures, in which only the surname was left. Among these pictures, several servants who had been killed appeared one by one, only with their eyes blurred.

At first, not many people noticed the news, thinking that it was some ill intentioned marketing account's fake comments.

Then other large or small marketing accounts reposted the post one after another. Seeing more and more people, the onlookers began to be interested.

At this time, Monica asked someone to release a circulation record of smuggled capital. Although the name and some account numbers were mosaic, it was almost the final conclusion of the above cases!

"Smuggling? "The public's interest has continued to rise, and everyone began to guess which female star whose surname's capital Y is.

Then Monica put some more statements on the internet

In the past few days, the case had been spreading, and the netizens were even more powerful. They dug three feet into the ground and unexpectedly found out Nancy and the Yan Family's information!

The case finally surfaced. As the evidence about the case appeared on the Internet little by little, the case had made amazing progress!

With the help of fan club of Rachel, they would know what Nancy and the Yan family done one by one. To everyone's surprise, it was Nancy who was to blame for all this!

Then, the recording of the conversation between Teresa and Rachel was played on the Internet, which caused an uproar on the Internet!

The shocking news that Nancy had a mother who kills others shocked the whole entertainment circle!

Then, the photos of Nancy and Teresa having a private meeting with Anna, Amy and the criminal maid were shown one by one It proved again that this case was not groundless. The Yan family was the chief culprit!

Before the police could react, the case had been spread on the Internet.

When they came to their senses, some pieces of evidence had been uploaded.

For this reason, the director general of the Public Secu

hter, but he has to bear the consequences. It's too miserable. "

Eva shook her head and sighed for Anthony.

Rachel also nodded and said, "yes, to be honest, Anthony is not a particularly bad person. If Teresa hadn't instigated him, he wouldn't have done anything to me."

When the two of them sighed for Anthony, there was a news in the police station that Anthony committed suicide for fear of punishment.

The news was like a thunder, shaking the two people for a long time.

"Dead?" Stunned, Rachel couldn't believe it.

Eva couldn't believe it either. "Oh my God! In order to protect his wife and daughter, Anthony committed suicide? Now the dead cannot give witness. "

At the same time, Teresa was dumbfounded when she heard the news. She couldn't even believe that her husband had died

"Why are you so silly? How can you die in order to protect our mother and daughter? Without you, how can we live in the future? " Tears welled up in Teresa's eyes.

Nancy, who was also heartbroken, couldn't come to her senses for a long time. She grabbed Teresa's hand and shook her head. "Mom, is it a false news released by the police? are they trying to lure us out? "

Teresa suddenly stopped crying and looked at her in disbelief, "this It's impossible? The police will never do such a thing. "

"Don't worry. I'll ask someone to check it again. Maybe it's fake news." Nancy comforted her and took out her phone to make a call in a hurry

"Hello, director Yang, can you send someone to the police station to investigate something for me? I don't believe that my father is gone so easily... "

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