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   Chapter 315 Announce It To The World

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After Chester left, Rachel was lost in thought, not sure whether she was doing the right thing or not. But when she thought of the fact that the Yan family had been treating her badly for so many years, and that her parents had died in a tragedy for no reason, she could not calm down her resentment.

As if Eva had seen through her mind, she sat beside her and comforted, "Miss, I know you are a kind person. You don't want to push people into a desperate situation. Life for a life! The Yan family has killed more than one life in their hands. If you can reverse the old case, those dead servants of the Yan family will also be grateful to you! "

Rachel looked up at Eva and said with a smile, "we've grown up together. You know me best. I will do it even if I am struck by lightning! I Never return good for evil! "

Rachel said firmly.

She was kind, but that didn't mean she was weak.

The Yan Family owed her, and she would take them back one by one, making them pay a heavy price for what they had done in the past!

She had thought that things would go so smoothly, but a few days later, Chester came back and put the bank card back into her hand. He shook his head and said, "Mr. Kim said that this case is too difficult and it took a long time. It's not easy to reverse the case."

Rachel was a little surprised, "Mr. Kim refused to accept this case?"

"Yes," Chester nodded. "He suggested you to report the case directly. After all, the Yan family has hurt you many times. If you fail to report the case, you can use your identity as a public figure and use the public opinion to create pressure. In this way, the Yan family will be punished sooner or later!"

Although Rachel was a little disappointed, she thought for a while and nodded. "Okay, I'll do as Mr. Kim suggested."

"Just in time," said Chester, putting a new report in front of her and throwing a bomb, "I just got the new news that you were wronged by Anna as a murderer. It was the Yan family who did it!"

"What? !" Rachel stood up in shock!

At that time, she had suspected the Yan family, but the Yan family had escaped suspicion perfectly. Although they received the invitation, they did not appear there, nor did the invitation.

In theory, those maids should be the people of the Ji family, but why did they become the accomplices of the Yan family?

It was unbelievable. When Rachel came to her senses, she picked up the document and read it. Then she opened her be

ed by Rachel. We can only give you some advice."

Monica nodded and turned to look at Rachel. "If you make up your mind, we will try our best to help you! I have an intuition that this will only give you more surprises! "

Looking at them, Rachel said seriously, "I won't let go of the Yan family. No matter which way I will start, I will make them pay their blood debt!"

In this way, with the company of Randall, Rachel went to the police station to reverse the case.

It was a new policeman who received her. After reading the information in her hand, he shook his head and said, "your evidence seems to be very sufficient, but is there any witness? Can you find the person who left the testimony now? "

"What's more, it took a lot of efforts to settle the smuggling case at that time. Now that everyone is dead, what else do you want to turn over? You'd better save your energy! But if you want to sue the Yan Family for framing you, you can file a case. "

Shaking her head, Rachel said, "it doesn't matter if they hurt me, but they can't hurt my parents! I came here to seek justice for my parents! "

"You can think about it when you go back!" The policeman returned these things to her and shook his head.

After walking out of the police station, Rachel said to Randall disappointedly, "have you seen it? How could it be so easy? They always think that the argument is just a meaningless thing. since one can't be revived after death. "

Randall looked at her and sighed, "if your parents knew it in the heaven, they would definitely appreciate your filial piety. For the sake of your piety, my wife and I will help you! "

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