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   Chapter 312 I Will Never Beg You

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"Regret? Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world! " Owen stood up, his eyes wandering on Anna.

"When you came to beg me, you said how poor you were. I pitied you. I helped you step by step until today. You suddenly got the favor of Clark, but you wanted to kick me away! Who is more cruel between us? "

Owen didn't care about the presence of Rachel at all. Even if she heard it, so what? Anyway, one of the two women would surely die.

Without any time to hide, Anna stepped back in fear and shook her head. "I didn't lie to you. I told you the truth from the beginning. I never wanted to be your lover forever!"

"Ha ha," Owen sneered, "do you want to know why I keep the videos of our love all the time?"

Anna's face changed and looked at him in horror. "Why?"

"Because I want to humiliate Clark with those videos! I want you to remember forever that you are a worn out shoe of mine, Owen.! Hahaha... "

At this time, a car had quietly stopped nearby.

A man in black came in. he reported to Owen, "they are coming!"

"Let's go!" With a hint of excitement on his face, Owen walked out.

But the men in black did not retreat. Instead, they quickly tied up the two women and pulled them out.

Rachel and Anna were tied to two big trees, with their back against the root. The thick rope was tied in circles, which was incomparably solid.

There was very little chance for them to escape by themselves, unless someone came to save them.

After tying the two people to a tree, Owen hid in the monitoring room, with a loudspeaker in his hand and a voice changer sticking to his throat.

Clark appeared in the jungle with a group of people, slowly approaching the cottage. They stepped on the fallen leaves, making the small sound.

Before they got close to the cottage, Henry, who was standing next to them, immediately found that there were Rachel and Anna in front of the cottage, which were tied to the trees.

"They are there!"

Clark looked in the direction he pointed and saw two women tied to trees.

When he was about to rush out, Caleb stretched out his hand to stop him. "I'm afraid there is an ambush. Let's talk about it lat

because she knew that Clark would only be tougher than her!

What Anna feared most was that Rachel would ask for help from Clark Now, she was sure that Clark would give up on Rachel.

"There is only one minute left!" The strange voice sounded again, urging Clark, "I'll start counting down now. If you don't make a choice, my gun won't have eyes Hahaha, you understand! "

After saying that, the countdown began, "ten, nine, eight... Four, three, two, one! "

In an instant, Clark rushed to Anna and untied the rope for her quickly.

Anna breathed a great sigh of relief. She looked at Rachel with pride, but pretended to faint. "Thank you, honey..."

"Hahaha!" A gust of wild laughter came from the loudspeaker. "It's true that a wife is more important than a girlfriend! Alas, beauty Rachel, you'd better listen to me! "

Rachel's face turned a little pale and her heart had already fallen into a low valley.

She had expected such a result for a long time. She shouldn't have expected he will save her, but she was still unwilling to accept it. She was somewhat lucky. Perhaps, Clark would choose her

In despair, Rachel closed her eyes, and a crystal tear rolled down from them and fell on the toe of her shoes.

The strange horn sounded again. "Beauty Rachel, it's your turn to make a choice. Do you choose to die or follow me?"

Rachel instinctively looked at Clark, only to find that he picked up Anna without looking at her.

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