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   Chapter 310 Both Of Them Were Kidnapped

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Eva nodded and said, "you're right. I don't like the kind of woman who is softhearted and useless. Women shouldn't be bullied! we should fight back when we were bullied! If you don't pursue her, you are forgiving her! Extra demands? Don't even think about it! "

Rachel came to her senses and patted her head, "go on with your work!"

Rachel went back to study a professional book, but she didn't know that the danger was approaching.

Anna went back to the villa with grievance.

As soon as she entered the living room, she saw Clark sitting on the sofa and watching "Looking for murderer at the West pass". He seemed to care about it very much.

Looking at Rachel on the screen and thinking about what she had just said, she was so depressed that she wanted to commit suicide!

"What's wrong?" Noticing that there was something wrong with her, Clark turned around and asked.

Anna walked over and sat down beside him. She said unhappily, "guess who I met just now?"

"Who?" Clark asked casually.

"It's the heroine on TV, Rachel!" Anna said angrily, pointing at Rachel on the screen.

Clark shifted his eyes from the screen to her face and frowned, "what did she say?"

"She, she..." Tears welled up in her eyes as Anna opened her mouth, "she just warned me to stay away from you and said that you are her. If I insist on getting engaged to you, she will make me disappear from the world!"

Astonishment flashed through Clark's eyes, but soon he calmed down.

"Really?" Clark doubted.

Anna took the initiative to hold his arm, leaned her head on his shoulder and cried, "of course it's true. Why should I lie to you? Last time she came to the hospital to see you, wasn't she unwilling to let you give up on her and marriage with me? She might not dare to say that before, but now she has become famous and her value has risen greatly. It's easy to deal with me. "

"How dare she! How dare she covet the future wife of the CEO of the Ji group? " Clark's face was immediately filled with anger.

Seeing this, Anna cried even more bitterly. "I'm so scared to be with you! Clark There are too many women who have a crush on you. Not only is it Rachel, but also Nancy said the same to me. "

An inexplic

ran in the neighborhood this morning, but was taken away by several men in black! Please, save her! "

Clark frowned and said coldly, "I'm not a police. I won't solve the case. Call the police!"

"But it has something to do with your fiancee! Yesterday, Anna came to our studio and threatened to make Rachel disappear from the world! " Eva shouted angrily.

Clark and Henry looked at each other.

Henry picked up the phone in a hurry and asked, "what happened yesterday? Tell me in detail! "

Seeing that there was a chance, Eva quickly told the two about the whole story.

After hanging up the phone, Henry said to Clark, "it's easy to find out whether it's true or not. Just call the company and ask if Anna is in the company. Isn't it obvious?"

Clark nodded slightly and made a call to his assistant. He immediately found out that Anna didn't go to the company at all today.

"Check the surveillance video at the gate!" Clark ordered Henry, but he called Caleb back.

Ten minutes later, Caleb came back. The surveillance video this morning also found that Anna had been kidnapped in front of their house!

"What the hell is going on?" Henry asked in bewilderment, "Rachel and Anna have been kidnapped. Isn't it a fight between two women? Is there anyone else behind this? "

This bold guess made Clark's face completely darken. "How dare you, Owen!"

Caleb watched the video and nodded, "if that's the case, it's most likely that the man surnamed Li did it!

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