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   Chapter 309 It Is Merciful Not To Look In

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"Kill Rachel!" Anna squeezed the word between her teeth and emphasized the word "kill".

Owen suddenly smiled and shook his head. "I didn't expect that you can't stand it this time. Are you going to kill her? I've already told you that it's better to hit it in one shot than to make a fuss! "

Hearing this, Anna turned to him and asked coldly, "tell me, how are you going to help me?"

"I don't need to tell? Of course, she was kidnapped and dragged to the suburb by us and we kill her! " A murderous look flashed across Owen's eyes.

Anna couldn't help shivering and had a sense of foreboding.

But she couldn't bear to see Rachel anymore.

"Thank you for your help." After saying that, Anna turned around and left.

After taking a few steps, Anna turned around and said to him, "you'd better wait for my news. I'll talk to her first. If we can't reach an agreement, you don't have to be polite to her."

Owen shrugged.

As soon as she left, the bodyguard beside him asked, "Owen, now that Rachel is in a good condition, are we really going to do something to her?"

Owen didn't take it seriously and said, "it's just a small star. What are you afraid of?"

"But if she disappears suddenly, it will definitely cause a sensation. Now her TV series is being broadcast, and many people are paying attention to her..." The bodyguard looked serious.

Owen glanced at him and said, "if you can't do it, then ask someone else to do it. Don't talk nonsense!"

"I'll get ready!" The bodyguard lowered his head.

Nancy came to invite Anna to work with her to deal with Rachel, but Anna refused.

"I have my own way to deal with Rachel. I don't need to join hands with you. Besides, if I join hands with you, I might become your scapegoat and be dragged down by you! " Anna refused seriously.

Seeing that she didn't want to talk to her at all, Nancy was not in a hurry. she just said lightly, "don't forget that Rachel killed your son and made you unable to really be together with Fiona."

"It's none of your business. You'd better think about how to save your company! I heard that the Yan group is in danger now. " Anna said disdainfully.

She didn't forget how the Bai group went down step by step. The Yan family was the one to blame.

So, Anna would ra


Then Anna shook her head and left.

To be honest, Rachel sympathized with Anna.

Although those maids had been punished, everyone knew that they were not the real murderers, and the person behind it had not been found out yet

Eva came over, held her in her arms and comforted Rachel, "don't be sad, miss. It's not your fault. The child is really not blessed. I hope he can find a good family after his reincarnation and stop following such a bad woman like Anna."

Shaking her head, Rachel said, "although Anna is a little bad tempered, she loves her child with all her heart. We shouldn't slander a mother. In this world, mothers are the greatest. It's not easy to have children. "

"Yes, my lady." Eva lowered her head in shame.

After a while, she raised her head and asked, "Miss, will you clarify it for Anna on the Internet?"

"No, I won't." with a determined look in her eyes, Rachel said, "although I sympathize with her, she slandered me as a murderer first. Now I'm proved to be innocent. She deserves it. Everything in the world is a cycle of causality. The cause she planted gained the current result. "

Eva was shocked by her words. "I thought you would be softhearted and help her clarify it!"

"I will never return good for evil. I won't hurt others unless I am harmed. If anyone dares to hurt me, I will not pay back in double. It's already mercy! Since she has lost her son, I won't pursue her slander. What else does she want? " Rachel looked at the door and said indifferently.

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