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   Chapter 308 This Woman Is Crazy

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A crazy smile appeared on Teresa's face. She looked at Rachel with hatred. "Every time I see your face that looks like your parents', I want to kill you! But I'm softhearted? I keep you because I have a daughter about your age and I'm also a mother, so I can't do this to you! "

"But you are still here. Your face reminds me of those unbearable past day and night! Your father betrayed me, and your mother took your father away. The two of them owed me. They haven't done anything yet, but let them die easily. It's too cheap! So, I want you to repay all my pain for your parents! "

"I abused you, didn't give you food, hit you, scolded you, and made things difficult for you The sadder you are, the happier I am! Because I know that if you feel sad, your parents who died will feel even worse! Hahaha... "

Seeing that the crazy woman in front of her finally revealed her original face, Rachel felt disgusted and thought she was incomparably ugly!

Rachel stood up and asked incredulously, "my parents have been killed by you in the name of smuggling. Are you still unwilling to let them go? Did you mistreat me just to make them want to die with regret? !"

"Yes," Teresa said coldly with a vicious expression on her face, "if they hadn't died in the prison, I would have whipped the corpses! Ha ha, you should blame your useless father! It's him who made me like this. It's him who killed your mother! It was him! It's all because of him! "

Rachel didn't expect that Teresa would be so abnormal that she wouldn't even let go of her dead parents!

At first, Rachel thought the fact that the Yan family had raised her up for so many years and planned to give them a lenient punishment. As long as Teresa turned herself in, everything would be fine.

But now it seemed that it was too easy for her to go to jail!

"I'll give you three days. If you don't turn yourself in, you'll have to bear all the consequences!" Rachel stood up and left.

Teresa was already a little crazy. She didn't stop her.

After leaving the coffee shop, Rachel immediately called Ryan, who was far in the Gangnam province.

"I want you to clean up the Yan group in M city as soon as possible! I'll take all the consequences. You just need to use commercial means to destroy the Yan group at all costs! "

When Ryan

Teresa was so angry that she said to Nancy, "we have to find a way to get rid of Rachel, or our family will be doomed!"

After thinking for a while, Nancy finally made up her mind and said, "it seems that we have to ask Anna for help. After all, the fame of Rachel will also have a great impact on her! "

A gleam flashed in Teresa's eyes. She patted her head and screamed, "yes, why didn't I think of it? Rachel's fans have already pushed Anna into the limelight. I guess she has become a thorn in Anna's flesh, right? "

Nancy agreed, "as long as Rachel is alive, the scar of losing her son will be mentioned again and again, and it will constantly hurt Anna's heart! So, I think that Anna would rather want Rachel to die than us! "

The two looked at each other, and a bold plan was immediately born.

At the same time, Anna was indeed browsing the online comments about her. The more she read, the more angry she looked.

In the end, she was so angry that she smashed the mouse. "What kind of people are they? Are they qualified to tell me what to do? !"

She picked up her bag and walked out of the Ji group.

This time, instead of going home as usual, Anna turned around and went to Owen.

Owen was surprised to see her. "What? What happened? "

Anna took out a thick stack of A4 paper from her bag and said with a cold face, "I have collected all the information you want."

Owen took the document from her hand, looked through it and nodded, "well, not bad! Tell me, what do you want me to do for you again? "

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