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   Chapter 307 The Matter Was Exposed

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Nancy stood up in a hurry and asked, "Mom, what should we do? This woman is hard to deal with! "

"Even if it's hard to deal with, we have to! A few days ago, a friend of mine at the bank told me that our capital accounts were stolen! " Teresa's face darkened.

She was beautiful, but once she got angry, her face became a little ferocious and terrible.

"Stolen?" Nancy was shocked and asked in confusion, "how could it be stolen?"

"Someone used high-tech to invade the bank system and stole our electronic accounts. I'm afraid that Rachel has begun to investigate the past, hasn't she? " A trace of viciousness flashed through Teresa's eyes.

"Oh my God! If the truth is revealed, are we going to jail?" Nancy's face turned pale with fear.

Teresa immediately comforted her, "don't be afraid. Dad and mom will never let you fall into such a situation. Besides, even if the truth is revealed, I'm the only one going to jail. You and your father are fine. "

Nancy looked at her in shock, "Mom, do you know what I'm doing now?"

"I know. You are a star." Teresa nodded.

Nancy screamed, "if the news spreads out that I have a murderer's mother in jail, how can I continue to live in the entertainment circle?"

Teresa's face turned pale in an instant.

"We can't keep Rachel any longer. The sooner we get rid of her, the better!" Nancy screamed madly.

Teresa nodded, "Okay, I'll meet her tomorrow and see how much she knows about it. Then I'll make another plan."

At the same time, in the Ji family, Peter and Amanda were also chasing after the drama "Looking for murderer at the West pass".

"Grandpa, Rachel did a good job! It's like being herself, She is Pandora! " Amanda still wanted more.

Peter smiled "Her success has something to do with her bumpy growing up experience. Otherwise, her acting wouldn't have been so sensitive."

"Well, I feel so sorry for her. Unfortunately, Rachel doesn't want to see us now." Amanda said with disappointment.

However, Peter replied indifferently, "as long as she is happy, it doesn't matter whether I will see her or not."

"But I really miss her! It was all my brother's fault. Why did they have to break up? We used to get along well with each other. But now he made such a fuss that we don't even have to be

It seems that you want me to die, but you don't let me to die. It was not until then that I realized that you had such a dirty mind on my father! "

"Mrs. Teresa, you have married another man. Why do you still love my father? You know they all have families and children, but you are still not reconciled. It's a good move. If I can't avenge my parents in my life, my life will be in vain! "

Teresa was shocked. Her face turned pale and her body trembled. "You know? You know everything? !"

Rachel said lightly "Paper can't wrap fire. Mrs. Teresa, I advise you to surrender yourself! In this way, your punishment may be alleviated, and you won't make a scene that can't be ended. "

Teresa suddenly laughed, angry and funny, "you want me to turn myself in? What a big joke! Rachel, your surname is still Yan. Why should you ask your foster mother to turn herself in? !"

"I'm sorry. My surname has changed. My name is Rachel Gu now." Rachel looked at her with mockery.

Teresa was stunned, "you have recognized the people of the Gu clan?"

"So what?" Rachel sneered "Do you think you still have the strength to come back to life now?"

Teresa was almost driven mad. She had never experienced such a feeling of being pushed into a desperate situation. It was like scratching her heart with a hundred claws!

"I'm telling you, I killed your parents because they owe me! Rachel. If it weren't for your damn father who had promised me a lifetime of happiness and failed me in the end, how could I kill him? !"

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