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   Chapter 269 Ambitious

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Rachel grabbed her phone and found it was from Ryan? It was weekend. Why did he come to her?

"Hello, cousin." Rachel answered the phone lazily.

Ryan said "Aren't you at home, Rachel? I'm at your home now. Would you like to have a cup of tea downstairs and have a chat? "

"What?" Rachel was a little surprised. "It's weekend. Why do you come to my house?"

Ryan chuckle on the other end of the line "I usually come to visit uncle and aunt on weekends, and now of course, there is no exception."

"Okay." Rachel answered indifferently.

Ryan was not angry "If you don't go downstairs, I'll go to your bedroom to see you," said Ryan indifferently

"Don't," said Rachel, struggling to stand up. "I'm going downstairs now. Wait a moment."

After hanging up the phone, Ryan smiled at Gabriel and Freda sitting in front of him and said, "uncle, aunt, cousin is so naughty. Why does she still sleep in the afternoon? I called her down as soon as I got through the phone. I have to give her some motivation to get up. "

Gabriel smiled and said, "Ryan, you don't know that your cousin didn't sleep well last night and fell off the bed. She said her waist hurt and just came back from hospital until this morning."

"What?" "Really? My cousin is so cute! How can she fall off the bed when she is sleeping? Who will believe it if you tell others? "

Freda covered her mouth and snickered, "yes, I said the same thing. But it's true. "

Ryan shook his head and smiled, "it seems that my cousin is too lively to sleep well. She is so cute."

"How is your grandfather?" Gabriel asked indifferently

"he is fine. he just miss you. I'll pick him up another day and let him play chess with you. You haven't seen each other for a long time. " Ryan quickly answered.

Gabriel nodded and said, "that's good. Most of us are buried in the earth. We should see more people now, or it will be difficult to see them again when we can't move on the bed in the future."

"How can you say that? you have a strong body, you will definitely live a long life! " Said Ryan seriously.

However, his words made Gabriel laugh. "You are such a sweet talker."

Supported by Lily, Rachel finally went downstairs wit

, because if your grandmother and I have no successor after death, and the huge company is likely to fall into his hands."

"But now it's different. Since you're back, you'll be our only legitimate heir. Then Ryan's previous wish will be missed. If he is an unpredictable person, he is very likely to take two ways to get what he wants. "

"On the one hand, try his best to please you. if you marry him, so that the company will always be in his hands. the second is Take the risk to kill three of us or just you! "

Stunned, Rachel thought, 'oh my God! Is Ryan such a cunning man?'?

"Grandpa, according to what you said, he approached me with a purpose?" After a long while, Rachel came to her senses and asked in disbelief.

Gabriel nodded, "it's hard for anyone to be unmoved and have no evil thoughts when facing such a huge profit. Although I have watched Ryan grow up, it is the first time for him to face such a test. I am afraid that he will take a wrong path. "

Rachel was afraid "What if I let him be the CEO forever?"

Gabriel shook his head and said, "no one wants to stay in the same position forever. I don't believe that an ambitious young man like Ryan will easily be satisfied with the current situation. "

Rachel was a little scared. "Grandpa, what should we do? Now I'm not familiar with the company's affairs at all, and I don't know much about Ryan either. I'm afraid that I can't handle it well if you rashly leave the mess to me... "

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