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   Chapter 250 The Daughter Of A Famous Family

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Stunned, Rachel asked, "have you ever seen others protect others in a way that hurts others?"

Amanda nodded and said, "maybe it's because he doesn't want you to be hurt more badly that he hurts you with such a bad attitude and words?"

Rachel felt that Amanda was out of her mind. But no matter what, it was understandable that she wanted to protect Clark and at the same time comfort herself.

"I believe you for the time being," said Rachel with a smile. "But no matter what, the possibility of me being with your brother is not high. So, don't waste your energy in the future. If you want, we can continue to be besties, or if you don't want, we can be ordinary friends. "

Without thinking too much, Amanda nodded and said, "of course I want to be besties of yours! Grandpa and I will always be your fans! The most loyal fan! "

"Ha ha," said Rachel, who couldn't help laughing, "good, loyal fans!"

The two of them chatted happily for a while. When it came to the marriage, Amanda couldn't help but feel a little sad. "Rachel, let alone my brother, my marriage in the future may also be a sacrifice for the exchange of economic benefits."

Rachel was a little surprised. "Will grandpa Peter agree?"

"Of course grandpa doesn't want to see me be thrown into the fire by my parents. But if my parents insist, he I don't think he can stop them. " Amanda said worriedly.

With a bitter smile, Rachel said, "can't you resist?"

"What about you?" Amanda retorted impatiently, "didn't you agree to your grandparents arrangement for you?"

Shaking her head, Rachel said, "I was coaxing them. They asked me to go on a blind date, so I can go. It was another story! if I agree or not. Besides, I believe that grandpa and grandma won't force me. "

"You underestimate the people in the upper class," Amanda shook her head. "Only by working together can our family become more and more powerful. How can they be willing to give up such a good opportunity to invest?"

Rachel held her hand and smiled, "you have your own company now. You are so powerful that you don't need been arranged to marriage. But since it's my parents' order, it doesn't matter if I have a good choice. "

Amanda curled her lips and said, "you are thoughtful!"

After the two of them talked

Once, that brat almost fought against me. "

Rachel asked in surprise, "why?"

"Because of your mother," said Gabriel. "Your father and your mother got along well when they were in college. At that time, we didn't agree, neither did your grandparents. But they insisted on being together. Because of this, he turned against us and even ran away from home. "

Rachel asked in surprise, "why don't you agree?"

With a sad look on his face, Gabriel said, "I'm ashamed. I don't agree because I have calculated their birthday. But the fortune teller said that they didn't fit each other. If they insist on being together, I'm afraid something will happen Later, it really proved what the fortune teller said! "

Stunned, Rachel stood there as if she had been struck by lightning.

What kind of not fitting each other? Her parents were framed, okay?

Freda continued, "your maternal family don't agree because they don't want our family property."

For the time being, Rachel didn't dare to tell anyone about her parents' death reason. She had to change the topic and asked, "grandparents, do you have a large family property?"

"Yes," Gabriel nodded. "Even if it can't compare with the Ji group, it should be on par with the Ji group."

Rachel was shocked. she didn't expect that her mother was the daughter of a famous family? Rich and powerful?

Freda touched the back of Rachel's hand and said, "I think you haven't seen your mother's parents, have you? How about we find a time to let you meet them? "

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