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   Chapter 249 The Way To Protect You

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The look on Anna's face darkened. Wasn't the marketing department and sales department a place where they often ran errands? She was once the daughter of the Bai family. How could she take a fancy to such a low position?

"These two They don't fit me, do they? Can't you arrange a simple civil work for me? Clark. " Anna said unwillingly.

Clark frowned slightly, "unfortunately, only these two departments are short of people in the whole company. If you want to be a civil official, you can choose one of them and start with a clerk."

Anna's face darkened. Hadn't Clark thought of putting her in a more important position? For example, being a department manager.

"My current identity is Your fiancee, and you asked me to be a clerk I don't think it's a good idea. " Said Anna, gritting her teeth.

Raising his eyebrows, Clark sneered disdainfully, "just because you are the future daughter-in-law of the Ji family, you should start from scratch and slowly figure out the company's affairs. Only in the future can you make public. If you are suddenly demoted to an important position, it will be unfair to other employees. "

Anna was speechless. What could she say?

Clark's words had blocked her way. She couldn't find any powerful words to refute.

"Then I'll listen to your arrangement! " Although her face was a little pale, Anna gritted her teeth and agreed.

She knew clearly that if she couldn't get close to the Ji group, she couldn't fulfill Owen's request at all.

In that case, she had no choice but to enter the Ji group first.

Clark waved to the HR manager who was standing aside and lowering his head. "Take her there. You can arrange the specific position and work for her."

The HR manager was in a cold sweat. She was the future lady of the Ji group. How dare he neglect her?

Clark was making things difficult for him. If he really arranged her to work as a clerk, the future wife of Ji clan would hate him to death in the future? If not, what good position could she get?

Judging from Clark's attitude just now, it was obvious that he didn't want her to be promoted to an important position. He was afraid that this future wife would be tired?

"my lady, please follow me." The HR manager felt a headache, but he had to take Anna away first.

"From now

and didn't badger him. "

Amanda opened her eyes wide again and looked at Rachel in disbelief. "When did my brother say that to you?"

"That night, you came to see me and sent me a midnight snack. I was so angry at him at the door that I fainted..." Rachel was too embarrassed to continue.

In fact, this was the matter between her and Clark. She shouldn't have told Amanda. After all, she was his sister.

But she was her best friend. If she didn't tell her, she really didn't know where to find her confidant.

After a while, Amanda calmed down.

"It's all my brother's fault. He shouldn't have said that to hurt you. Rachel But I know him very well. He is a man with a soft heart and a sharp tongue. The more he cares about you, the more cold and mean he is. So I think there must be a reason for him to do so. "

After thinking for a while, Amanda finally decided to explain for her brother. . However, Rachel shook his head and said, "no, if a person really care about a person. I think he want to protect her from being hurt. Amanda, if I were you, could you accept a man who always approached you in a way of hurting you? "

Amanda fell into silence.

Indeed, since Rachel and Clark parted ways, it was more and more obvious that Clark was cold and hard hearted.

If it were her, would she be willing to do that? Maybe she was not willing to do that?

"I understand you," Amanda couldn't help laughing. "But you, would you like to believe my brother? Rachel He...... Maybe it's also a way to protect you. "

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