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   Chapter 246 Take Care Of Her In Person

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Mindy's silence made Michelle more sure that her guess was right. She couldn't help but exclaim, "Mr. Clark is so infatuated with her, isn't he? How could he do such a thing as tracking? "

Mindy asked in a low voice, "if Rachel goes out in the future, shouldn't we bring Edgar with her? Don't leave them too idle. "

"Yes," Michelle replied in a hurry. "They are paid by Rachel, so they are supposed to come here to protect Rachel. They shouldn't run around outside anymore. Call them back!"

Mindy frowned, "but the three of them are investigating the case for Rachel. Isn't it appropriate to call them back so rashly?"

"You have to ask one of them to come back. they can't all be away from Rachel. You are just a female bodyguard. It's inevitable that you can't take care of her sometimes." Michelle shook her head and said.

Mindy blushed. In fact, it was not that she didn't want to do her best just now. She just found that Caleb was here, so she naturally gave the opportunity to Clark to save the beauty.

While they were talking, the car quickly stopped at the gate of a hospital.

At this time, Clark had already rushed in with Rachel in his arms.

By the time Michelle and Mindy arrived, the doctor had already started to examine Rachel.

"How is her? Is everything okay with Rachel? " The moment Michelle came in, she asked Clark.

But Clark didn't answer her with a cold face.

However, Mindy patted her on the shoulder and said, "don't worry. The doctor has just checked up. they will have a result later."

Michelle had to wait patiently.

After a long time, the doctor continued to check this and that. It was not until they got the test results that the doctor said to Clark, "the patient only suffered some skin trauma. She fainted because she had been working hard and frightened for a day. She will be fine after resting for two hours."

"Her face..." Clark's eyes darkened as he looked at the swollen side of Rachel's face.

The doctor hurriedly said, "it's okay. Apply the ice for two days and the swelling will naturally disappear. If you want the swelling will disappear quickly, you can use some imported medicine to eliminate swelling. "

"Thank you." Clark nodded.

After the doctor left, Clark turned to look at Michelle and Mindy and asked coldly, "has she offended anyone recently?"

"no? Everyone in the crew gets along well with

el's heart skipped a beat.

Clark said expressionlessly, "passing by."

"Passing by again?" Rachel couldn't help complaining in her heart, 'this excuse has been used up. Do you know it, Clark?'?

Clark still answered calmly, "believe it or not."

All of a sudden, Rachel felt that he was handsome. It was just that his icy expression was really not pleasing.

She didn't like a man as cold and hard as him.

However, every time he appeared, her heart would be stirred.

Rachel suddenly shivered. What was she thinking about just now?

The man in front of her had already said that he was not interested in her at all!

Why would she deceive herself?

Rachel calmed down and smiled at Clark. "Thank you for saving me. If it weren't for you, I don't know where I would be now!"

"Be careful when you go out in the future. After all, if you want to become famous in the entertainment circle, you will inevitably be envied. In the film crew, you are protected by Chester. They can't hurt you, but it's different outside. " Clark reminded her coldly.

"Thank you. I will." Rachel took the ice pack from his hand, but accidentally touched his slender fingers, and her face instantly flushed.

Embarrassed, Rachel lowered her head and said, "I can do it myself. My face is injured and my hands are still moving."

However, Clark refused seriously, "let me do it. There are still scars on your hands and feet."

There were five kinds of feelings in her heart and Rachel didn't know what to say.

She just suffered bruises. How could she be treated as a disabled by Clark?

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