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   Chapter 238 Tacit Understanding

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Gabriel smiled faintly and said, "since you are good friends, I feel like Mr. Peter is my old friend. It doesn't matter to talk more with him. When you take control of the company in the future, I'm sure that Clark can give you some advice! "

Rachel blushed "Who is his good friend?"

Gabriel looked at the two people in surprise, "you are not good friends, are you already..."

"Grandpa, what are you thinking about? he already has a fiancee. " Rachel explained quickly.

Gabriel was a little disappointed, but he quickly came to his senses. "It doesn't matter. You can't be together. You can be good friends or brother and sister. Anyway, Mr. Peter has told me that he wants you to be his granddaughter, and I have agreed..."

"No," Clark interrupted him without hesitation, "Mr. Gabriel, don't listen to him. He already has a granddaughter. Why does he still want a granddaughter?"

Gabriel was curious about the excited reaction of Clark, but he didn't ask more.

"Ha ha, since Clark objects, forget it. Anyway, Rachel and Amanda are best friends. Our two families are good friends. It's not a big deal to be friends. " Gabriel nodded.

Rachel also looked at him in confusion. Was Clark afraid that she would compete with him for the family property in the future?

It was so funny. She didn't care!

At this time, Freda asked, "Rachel, do you have a boyfriend?"

"What?" Rachel was still thinking about doing the granddaughter's thing, but when she was asked by Freda, she couldn't react for a long time.

Seeing her astonishment, Gabriel couldn't help laughing, "girls are always shy. Rachel, if you have a boyfriend, you can bring him back to see your grandparents, so that we can check for you."

"I... i..." With a red face, Rachel took a look at Clark subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, he also looked at her strangely, as if waiting for her answer.

Rachel took off her mask and looked at Gabriel with embarrassment. "Grandpa, I don't have a boyfriend."

"Really?" Freda exclaimed, "my beautiful granddaughter doesn't have a boyfriend yet? did you have a boyfriend before? "

Rachel shook her head again, her face turning red.

"TSK, TSK," Freda couldn't help but praise, "our child has a pure mind. It's

re is no need to worry."

"Thank you." Rachel lowered her head and didn't dare to look at him.

After a pause, Clark continued, "Jonathan is not as simple as you think. You'd better not provoke him."

Rachel looked up at him, glanced at the elevator and said, "that's my business. Mr. Clark, the elevator has arrived."

"Ding Dong..." the elevator door opened.

Clark could only take a deep look at her before turning around and entering the room.

Without hesitation, Rachel turned around and went back to the ward.

Gabriel had already lied down on the bed next to him and was taking a nap.

"Come here, Rachel." Only Freda, who was still awake, was waiting for her. Seeing her come back, she waved at her.

"Grandma, go to bed now. Take care of yourself and leave the hospital as soon as possible."

Freda smiled and said, "I sleep most of the time every day. It doesn't matter if I delay for a while."

Rachel had to sit down in front of her and asked, "grandma, what's wrong? What's up? "

"You and him..." After hesitating for a while, Freda decided to ask, "do you like each other?"

Stunned, Rachel shook her head and said, "grandma, it's not like that. Don't guess!"

"I've been through this," said Freda, patting the back of her hand. "I can see the flirting eyes of young people."

Who flirted with him? I didn't! '! Rachel complained in her heart.

"Grandma," said Rachel, shaking her arm, "you've wronged me. He has a fiancee. How dare I covet him?"

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