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   Chapter 235 Meeting Grandparents

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Still feeling unsatisfied, Bruce continued to scold, "if I were Rachel, I would slap you in the face myself! Don't you know what's going on in the entertainment circle? Everyone had a hard time? Do they deserve to be hit when they fall into a low valley? "

"You're so mean. If you really go up and fall heavily, maybe there's no one who can pull you! How could you take pleasure in others' misfortune here? If the news spreads out, you will be drowned in the saliva of Rachel's fans! "

"Don't you know how the two female stars were pushed down by Rachel's fans? Now you want to repeat the same mistake? How dare you! "

After saying that, Bruce waved his hand and said, "you can leave now! Long tongued women are not welcome in my team! "

Kaia and Cynthia's faces turned deathly pale in an instant. The two knelt down immediately!

"No, no, director Bruce, we are wrong!"

"Director Bruce, please don't change us. We dare not do that again!"

Although the two of them cried and begged for mercy, Bruce was not softhearted. he even asked his assistant to call their agent to drag them back.

Helplessly, the two of them had no choice but to come to the front of Rachel.

"Rachel, we are wrong. I apologize to you now, okay?" Kaia looked at Rachel with tearful eyes.

Cynthia held her trousers tightly and begged, "please help us beg director Bruce!"

With an apologetic look on her face, Rachel said, "I'm sorry. I can accept your apology, but I can't make this decision for director Bruce. I'm not good at acting now and I can't protect myself. How can I have the face to plead with director Bruce? "

When Bruce heard this, he was a little moved. It seemed that she had a clear estimation of herself.

If Rachel foolishly interceded for the two women, she would definitely be replaced by Bruce without hesitation.

Because he attached great importance to team cooperation. If a mouse shit appeared in a team, it would definitely destroy the steamer porridge.

Therefore, once he made a decision, he would not like others to plead for others.

Joe stopped Rachel in a hurry just now to tell her not to touch Bruce bottom line.

Soon, the two women's agents also came. Their communication with Bruce was ineffective. They could only take them away first and discuss with the company later.

After the two of them were taken away, there was no ch

ice, "Rachel, are you back? Are you going to see your grandma? "

"Where are you?" Asked Rachel in a hurry.

"Oh," Amanda paused and said, "I just accompanied grandpa to the hospital."

"Okay, see you later." Rachel hung up the phone quickly.

Michelle looked at her with amusement. "Look at you. You look so nervous as if you are going to meet some important person."

Rachel said lightly "I was going to meet an important person. I haven't met my own grandma since I was born. How can it not matter? "

Michelle answered "Yes, of course family is more important!"

When they arrived at the hospital, Rachel found her grandmother's ward according to the address given by Amanda.

Before she entered the room, she heard a familiar voice from inside. "Freda, since the expert said that your disease can be cured, please don't worry."


Rachel looked at Michelle in surprise.

Michelle nodded at her, "yes, Mr. Clark is inside."

Rachel immediately retreated and turned around, trying to escape, but was bumped into by the oncoming Amanda.

"Rachel, here you are."

Amanda's clear voice echoed in the air and alarmed the people in the ward.

Stunned, Rachel stopped and stared at Amanda.

Amanda snickered, "you want to escape? no way! Let's go. I'll take you to see your grandparents! "

After saying that, Amanda walked up to Rachel, took her arm and dragged her into the ward.

The people in the ward all turned to look at her with different expressions.

"Well Is she my granddaughter, Rachel? " A trembling voice came from beside Peter.

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