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   Chapter 234 Dismiss The Gossipy Woman

A Touch Of Fancy By Tao Su Characters: 7708

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Mindy handed the phone to Rachel, who answered it quickly, "Amanda, what's up?"

"Rachel," said Amanda in a relaxed tone, "I just went to see your grandmother for you. She is in good spirits. The examination report this morning came out, saying that the tumor in your grandmother's brain was a little close to the artery, but at present, it was judged to be a benign tumour. So you don't have to worry about it! "

"Thank you!" Rachel was a little excited. "When I'm free, I'll go back to see her in person!"

"Yes, she misses you too!" Amanda replied in a hurry.

After hesitating for a while, Rachel asked, "I heard that your brother went abroad to ask a doctor?"

"Yes," Amanda explained, "in view of what happened last night, he did something wrong and offended grandpa and me, so Grandpa gave him a chance to ask for an expert. It's said that it's difficult to invite the expert, but he has some friends with our Ji family. If he asks the expert in person, it's definitely no problem! "

Rachel felt a little disappointed.

She had thought that it was Clark who volunteered to go to America, but she didn't expect that he was forced to make an apology by Peter.

"Well, anyway, thank you for doing so much for me. If there is a chance in the future, I will try my best to repay you! " After making a promise, Rachel hung up the phone.

After returning to her room, Michelle went to get the lunch box and came back. Seeing that Rachel was a little depressed, she couldn't help but remind her, "Rachel, I've heard everything about you from Mindy. Don't be distracted. This opportunity is not easy. If you don't seize it well, your efforts will be in vain."

Hearing her words, Rachel came to her senses and forced herself to cheer up. "Eat first and have a rest after eating. There's a scene to shoot in the afternoon!"

Seeing that she immediately returned to this normal reaction, Michelle was a little relieved. "Okay."

The three women began to have dinner around the table. Michelle tried to make Rachel happy. Mindy didn't say anything, but she also smiled cooperatively.

A sense of warmth welled up in Rachel's heart.

Somehow, on the way to the studio, the staff in the crew looked at Rachel strangely.

"What happened?" Rachel was confused.

At this time, a man sud

to do. Director Bruce, why don't you listen to what they said first! ?"

As she spoke, Rachel pressed the recorder pen and the conversation between Kaia and Cynthia was broadcast directly.

"In my opinion, someone is really unlucky to not know how to play when she has such a good card!"

"Yes, you are right. As soon as she started her career, she played a few supporting roles and soon found her backer. She acted in big production. She won several good awards at home, and also won awards abroad. But in the end, she was framed and fell out with her backer. She could only start from a supporting role. "

"In my opinion, even if she becomes famous again, she won't be famous for a long time. How can she really have the real strength if she always depends on others to get the position?"

"Oh, poor Joe. he doesn't know that she used him as a stepping stone. he teaches her acting for free every day! I don't know what she has done to Joe. "

"Ha ha, I thought she was going to get angry. It turns out that she is a sick cat that can't get angry. It's so boring!"

The more Bruce listened, the more angry he became. Finally, he threw the recorder pen to the ground!

There was a dead silence. No one dared to breathe.

"You two gossipers! Did Rachel offend you for no reason? Why don't you go to mock her? She didn't make a sound, and you took the initiative to provoke her. Shouldn't she beat you? Good job! you deserve it." Bruce cursed with a dark face.

The faces of Kaia and Cynthia turned pale in an instant!

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