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   Chapter 233 Ask Experts In America

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Peter nodded "Yes, my grandson has sent someone to invite the experts. I think the authoritative expert will arrive in a few days."

"Okay," Mr. Gabriel nodded happily. "Then we can borrow your family's resources for the time being, and we will pay all the costs!"

Peter patted the back of his hand and said with a smile, "it doesn't matter who pay the money or not. Neither of our families is short of money. It doesn't matter who gives it."

"No," said Mr. Gabriel, waving his hand. "This is for my wife's treatment. Of course we should pay for it. No gains without gains. How can I accept such a great favor from your family? "

Seeing that he insisted, Peter stopped arguing. "Okay, do whatever you like."

When Peter brought Gabriel and Freda to M city and settled down, Rachel had been working for the whole morning.

Although today's performance was better than yesterday, Bruce was still dissatisfied with her and always criticized her.

Fortunately, there was no trace of impatience on Rachel's face. she adjusted herself according to his requirements until he was satisfied.

Joe didn't like it when he saw that Bruce made things difficult for Rachel. But since Bruce was a director, he couldn't make a sound for her. He could only guide Rachel to improve her acting skill more patiently and carefully.

After the play, when Rachel was about to enter the make-up artist to remove her makeup, she heard a mocking voice from inside.

"Did you see it just now? Director Bruce scolded Rachel severely! I really don't know why there are so many comments online saying that she is good at acting. Did she hire paid posters to comment? "

"That's right. If she was really good at acting, how could she be scolded so miserably by the director? A play NG more than ten times, and no one will act like this. "

"We don't have to play supporting roles so many times. Only she, the heroine, is like this. Alas, people who rely on connections are incompetent! "

"I heard that Mr. Mr. Chester, the investor of this play, has chased after her for a long time! Seeing that she fell from the A-list actress to the three or four line a few days ago, he couldn't bear it, so he spent a lot of money to shoot this movie, and it was tailor-made for her! "

"Really? In this case, Mr. Chester was really a spoony man! What's so good about Rachel? She just had a beautiful face? Her figure is not as plump as mine. Mr. Chester is so blind to fall in lov

k you." Rachel turned to Mindy and said.

Mindy's face softened, "are you okay?"

"No matter how unpleasant it is, I have heard it. What can it be? You are so smart. Didn't you hear what Clark said to me last night? " Rachel smiled bitterly.

Mindy lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Mr. Clark was too emotional last night. I have never seen him like this."

"Forget it. I don't want to mention him." Rachel waved her hand.

Compared with the harsh words from Clark, Rachel felt that the noisy women just now had been merciful.

At least their words didn't hurt her.


The two of them had no special relationship, but Clark could easily hurt her.

Every time he appeared, it seemed to be able to leave a scar in her heart, and erase all his previous warmth for her.

"Is there any news from Grandpa Peter?" Asked Rachel indifferently.

Mindy nodded at once, "yes, he said Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Freda had arrived in M City, and everything was ready. Mr. Clark...... And he also personally went to the United States to invite the most authoritative expert in the brain tumor department... "

Rachel was a little surprised, "Clark Went to America? And help my grandmother call an expert back for treatment? "

The news was a little shocking, which refreshed Rachel understanding of Clark!

The man who had been cruel to her last night flew to the United States to find an expert for her grandmother this morning?

What was the logic?

For a moment, Rachel couldn't understand what on earth was going on with Clark. Why did he always treat her in a lukewarm manner?.

At this time, Amanda called in.

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