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   Chapter 232 Apologize To Her

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Amanda defended for Rachel, "she has been working hard in the movie, so she must be highly concentrated and nervous. You two have talked to her about something troublesome. Now she fainted."

Peter sighed "It's all my fault. She didn't faint when I told her about it. The biggest mistake is your brother's ignorance. "

Standing aside in silence, Clark didn't say a word.

Amanda's eyes lit up all of a sudden and she said to Peter. "Grandpa, aren't you very familiar with Director Elijah? Why don't you tell him and ask his disciple not to be so harsh on Rachel? "

"No," Clark immediately denied her proposal. "You are not helping her, but hurting her."

Amanda was somewhat unconvinced. "How could I be the one to hurt her?"

Clark said coldly, "if Rachel wants to rise from the bottom, she has to rely on her own efforts to win the director's respect and appreciation."

"If the director knows that she has someone backing her up, he won't dare to make things difficult for her. Besides, even if we don't help her, if Rachel's grandfather knows what she has suffered, he might help her! " Amanda said hurriedly.

However, Peter also shook his head and opposed, "it's not appropriate for you to do so. Rachel has her own plan. If we interfere rashly, it will only disturb her plan and even hurt her."

Amanda had to shut up.

About an hour later, Rachel finally woke up. When she opened her eyes, she saw that everyone was still there. She was a little confused.

"Why haven't you come back yet?" Rachel struggled to get up and found a needle in the back of her hand.

"What's wrong with me?" Asked Rachel curiously.

She tried to wake herself up and soon remembered what had happened before she fainted.

Amanda came over and asked with concern, "you fainted just now. How do you feel now?"

"I feel much better." Rachel nodded at her.

Peter also came over and looked at her lovingly. "Silly girl, don't work too hard. Health is the most important. If your grandfather knows it, he will feel sorry for you. "

Rachel took a look at Mindy, only to find that she bit her lips and lowered her head without saying anything. Then she understood something.

With a smile, Rachel said, "Grandpa Peter, it's my duty to work hard. Besides, this opportunity is rare. I have

so so enthusiastic I really don't know how to thank you. " Mr. Gabriel said gratefully.

However, Peter waved his hand and said, "don't mention it. If it weren't for the fact that Rachel and my granddaughter are congenial, I wouldn't like this child, and I wouldn't have thought of taking good care of her. It's fate."

"Rachel Does she know we are coming? " Mr. Gabriel asked hesitantly.

Peter nodded and said, "I told her in person last night."

"Then what did she say?" Mr. Gabriel was a little nervous.

On the other hand, Peter was a little hesitant. Should he tell Gabriel that Rachel fainted last night?

Finally, he chose to hide it. He smiled and said, "that girl was happy and worried when she heard that you were coming and that her grandmother was sick. She also said that she would come to see her grandmother on the weekend. "

"That's great," Mr. Gabriel sighed, "my wife's physical condition is not suitable to see her, but we have thought that the Gu family has no descendants for so many years. Suddenly I heard that there is a granddaughter, can't it not make her happy?"

"As long as she wakes up, she always asks to see her granddaughter. I don't have the heart to refuse her, so I have to ask you for help. I hope you won't be angry."

With a bright smile on his face, Peter replied, "of course not. I've already asked my grandson to invite the most authoritative expert in the tumor department abroad to treat your wife! She might live a long life! "

"Really?" Mr. Gabriel was surprised.

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