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   Chapter 229 Choosing a Woman

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Rachel didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Why do you ask me to attend your family dinner? You should call Anna, right? "

"Don't mention her. All of us don't like her. Why did I ask her to come here? It's a bummer! " Amanda complained on the other end of the phone.

Rachel restrained her smile and calmly refused, "I just joined the crew today and have to shoot in the evening. I'm afraid I won't be able to have dinner with your family today."

Hearing this, Amanda asked in a hurry, "the casting group? Where are you shooting? "

"It's in the suburb, far away. Don't come. Well, the director called me. We can talk next time! " Then Rachel hung up the phone quickly.

As soon as she turned around, she saw the displeasure on Bruce's face.

Rachel put the phone in Mindy's hand and said, "I'll be shooting in the crew in the future. Can you find a way to refuse such a call for me?"

Mindy nodded.

In the Ji family's house.

After hanging up the phone, Amanda said to her grandfather in a pitiful tone, "Grandpa, it's a pity that Rachel can't come to our house for dinner. It's her first day to work in the filming group. It's not appropriate to ask for leave. she has to shoot in the evening."

As she spoke, Amanda glanced at Clark from the corner of her eyes.

Clark was sitting on the sofa, with his IPAD in his hand.

He turned a deaf ear to Amanda's words and remained calm.

Peter sighed and said, "it seems that Rachel works too hard. I wanted to discuss with her about her grandfather's meeting with her, but now it seems that I can't even meet her! "

A cunning light flashed through Amanda's eyes. She stepped forward and held Peter's arm. "Grandpa, since she can't come, you have such an important thing to talk to her. How about we go to see her?"

Peter's eyes lit up and they looked at each other.

"Yes," said Peter, patting his head. "I'm so old. She can't get out. I can go in! Chester doesn't dare to refuse me. Bruce is the favorite disciple of Elijah, and he doesn't dare to stop me, does he? "

"Grandpa is so smart!" Amanda almost jumped up and said excitedly, "tonight, we'll bring Rachel some night snack!"

At this time, Clark finally put down his IPAD. He glanced coldly at the excited people in front of him and said unhappily, "Amanda, you are not young anymore. How can you ask grandpa to do such a risky thing?"

d and son, so he was more determined to let Clark marry Rachel for the sake of the Ji clan.

Although the Ji group didn't need a woman to help, the Ji family needed a woman to take care of the backyard.

The longer Peter spent time with Rachel, the more he liked her from the bottom of his heart.

But Lucas and his wife didn't think so. They believed that as a big family, if their children really wanted to get married, they must unite strongly. The best state should be to marry a big family.

As for their relationship, they didn't care much.

Clark, in particular, was a man. It didn't matter if he was fickle in love. Anyway, he wouldn't suffer losses. But when it came to marriage, they must be careful.

That was also the reason why they didn't let Anna in. The Bai family regretted their marriage at that time, but it was just an excuse for them to refuse the marriage.

When the couple went back to their room, Penny couldn't wait to ask, "do you think that Clark really likes Rachel?"

"No, he won't," said Lucas, waving his hand. "He's still young and doesn't know what kind of woman he needs, so it's normal for him to fall in love with someone. There's no need to be so nervous."

Penny sighed and said, "if it's really what you said, I won't worry about it."

"Marriage is a matter that needs parents' approval. It was hard to say who would be the future daughter-in-law! But you can also pay attention to which family's daughter is suitable for him when you are free now. " Said Lucas flatly.

Penny frowned and asked, "what should we do with Anna?"

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