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   Chapter 228 Being Scolded

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Rachel sat down on the bed, her face still full of doubts. "Tell me more details, what did you find out? Why did Gary do that to me?"

"This should start from the time you go abroad to get the prize," Mindy said seriously. "At that time, the Bai group encountered a financial crisis abroad and declared bankruptcy. It was not easy for Gary to sell the company and get a large amount of money, but he was robbed by the foreign husband of Anna."

Rachel asked in surprise, "robbed? The man that Anna married abroad He shouldn't be too bad? Otherwise, how could she give up on Clark and throw herself into his arms? "

Mindy nodded and reported the information she had collected in detail, "yes, that foreigner's name is Smith. When Anna first married him, he was a senior official of a large American company and had a bright future. Unfortunately, later, somehow, he became addicted to gambling and began to borrow usury behind Anna. "

"He was forced to resign from the company and was chased away by the usury lenders. Later, the usury lenders found out that Gary came to him and pointed a gun at him, forcing him to pay off the debt for Smith. Gary is a man who is afraid of death, so he gave the money out. "

"I don't know why he heard about you and Mr. Clark. He thought it was because of you that Anna couldn't get into the Ji family, so he wanted to get rid of you. But he has no money or power, so he can only use such a despicable method of intimidation. "

Rachel was shocked to hear that. She didn't expect that there were so many things behind these threatening messages!

"Did Anna and Smith divorce?" Rachel asked again.

Mindy shook her head and said, "I heard that Smith refused to divorce her and tried every means to ask for money from her, and she also tried every means to ask for money from Mr. Clark. Poor Mr. Clark was kept in the dark and cheated by this woman... "

"I don't think so," said Rachel, waving her hand. "From the very beginning, Clark knew that the baby in Anna's belly was not his, but he still wanted to be with her well. Although he was not engaged, he didn't mean to leave her. Even if he knew that she had such a marriage, he might be able to bear it? "

At the end of her words, Rachel lowered her voice and was not sure.

"Do you still have those threatening messages and phone numbers?" Asked Rachel indifferently.

"No, about two months ago, the

nough. In fact, it's better. Only when director Bruce is willing to point out my problems can I know the direction of my efforts. "

"It's great that you have such a mindset," said Joe calmly, "in the entertainment circle, every star is scolded to grow up? Even the most popular star will still be scolded by the director. Everything is to make the shooting better! "

Rachel nodded obediently. What Joe said was always reasonable.

Then, Joe played the part of the play by himself for Rachel, which made her feel that the gap between her and him was too far, and she began to understand the standard of director Bruce.

Following Joe's instruction and with her own understanding, Rachel also acted it on the spot.

Joe nodded slightly, "not bad. You have made progress, but there is still a gap."

Under his guidance, Rachel adjusted her details over and over again, trying to approach the level of his demonstration.

This scene made her feel a little familiar.

It seemed that Clark had also given her such guidance. When she encountered a bottleneck in her acting, he taught her how to act in this way. He had also encouraged her

Thinking of this, Rachel who was relaxing was in a daze. Clark It seemed that he had been so gentle to her before, but he was not always cold.

After resting for a while, Mindy handed the phone to Rachel and said, "it's Miss Amanda."

Surprised, Rachel picked up the phone and asked, "what's wrong, Amanda?"

"Where are you? grandfather wants to invite you to my family dinner tonight. " Amanda's cheerful voice came from the other end of the line.

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