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   Chapter 227 Being The Protagonist Again

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Ceil was moved by Rachel's words. She felt sorry for her and her eyes were wet. She hugged her tightly and said, "I always wanted a girl back then, but I failed. I only had a boy. Now it seems that God has mercy on me. "

Rachel nodded happily "Okay, I'll call you godmother from now on!"

The mother and daughter hugged and talked a lot intimately before they came out of their sadness.

Since then, Ceil had taken more care of Rachel's life.

At the same time, Rachel also felt the warmth of a mother from her from time to time. The loss of childhood seemed to be making up little by little.

The next few advertising shoots also came to an end, and the new play was ready to start.

Before the filming, Chester gave a banquet to let the important actors meet the director.

The new director was the apprentice of the famous director Elijah's student, Bruce.

Rachel had met Elijah at the wine party. Under the recommendation of Clark, she played chess with him and won the opportunity to audition for the Dragon Temple. Moreover, through her own efforts, she got the female lead role of the Dragon Temple.

Unfortunately, later on, because of the frame up of Anna, Clark was so angry that he wanted to withdraw the investment in the Dragon Temple. The crew had no choice but to change the actress, Rachel.

Speaking of this, Rachel felt very regretful.

If it hadn't been for the matter of Anna's son, her career might have gone to a higher level instead of going up and down.

However, the irrational decision of Clark on this matter made Rachel realize that she couldn't give her future and fate to others. Otherwise, if she fell out with him one day, he would be able to beat her to eighteen hell in minutes!

That was why Rachel was determined to work alone.

She had to control her own fate. She didn't want to be manipulated by others, even if she didn't make much money, even if she couldn't get any good resources, and even if she could play a supporting role all her life. It was better than letting Clark control her life.

Thinking of this, Rachel cheered up.

Chester introduced the director "the director of our new play, Looking for murderer at the West pass, is Bruce. Director Bruce is the apprentice of director Elijah. A famous teacher produces a senior student! Director Bruce is very good at shooting suspense films, and our protagonist, Joe, has also shot many similar subjects with extraordinary results. "

"The heroine, Rachel! Although it's her first time to play the suspense topic, I believe that with h

" Rachel nodded slightly to show her determination.

Joe shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "work hard, I'm waiting to witness the miracle that you become famous!"

After sending Rachel back to the hotel room, Joe said goodbye and went back to his room.

Looking at Joe's receding figure, Michelle sighed, "he is really the dream man in the entertainment circle. He always keeps a low profile and acts like a teacher. Unfortunately, he is too attentive in front of you."

"Don't think too much. He just helps me and chatted with me. Chester asked him to take care of me, and he is just a dutiful man. "

"But he is so dutiful. It's easy for him to make enemies for you, isn't it? There are many female stars who have a good relationship with him in this crew. It is inevitable that he is a little narrow-minded You'd better be careful. " After saying that, Michelle went back to her work.

Following behind Rachel, Mindy wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Noticing her abnormality, Rachel asked curiously, "what's wrong? Just say it. "

Mindy hesitated for a while and said, "the text and phone intimidation incident before We have found out who is behind it. "

"Who?" At first, Rachel thought that such a case would definitely not be verified, but she did not expect that more than half a year later, there was finally a result.

"Yes It's Gary, the father of Anna. " Mindy took a deep breath and said the name.

"What?" Rachel looked at her in surprise and thought she had misheard. "How could it be the father of Anna? What kind of feud do I have with him? Inexplicable! "

Mindy hurriedly said, "I was also confused when I knew the result, let alone you."

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