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   Chapter 225 Meeting in the Hotpot Restaurant

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When Rachel was about to scream, she smelled a familiar man's breath. Then a low voice came over her head, "Can't you even walk well?"

Rachel was a little annoyed. When she raised her head and was about to refute, she met with the dark and cold eyes of Clark.

"You?" Rachel was a little surprised.

Clark gave a hint to Mindy, and she left immediately.

Clark grabbed her wrist, turned around and pulled her into a nearby box.

"What are you doing?" Rachel struggled to ask.

Clark let go of her and said coldly, "I just had an appointment with Amanda. Would you like to have dinner with us?"

Rachel turned around and saw that there were all kinds of ingredients for the hot pot on the table.

"How do you know I am here?" Rachel raised her head and asked.

But Clark said indifferently, "Don't flatter yourself. I was about to have dinner here, but I ran into you in the bathroom just now."

"I thought it was Mindy who told you." A bitter smile appeared on her face. Yes, she was flattering herself.

Clark had never been narcissistic?

"Sit down and eat with me. I'll tell you the truth of the prison," Clark said coldly.

With her eyes wide open, Rachel asked, "Are you serious?"

Clark nodded firmly.

Rachel immediately took out her phone and called Chester, "I just met a friend. I'll be back in ten minutes after eating here. You can eat first. Don't wait for me!"

After saying that, she hung up the phone decisively, without waiting for him to ask more.

Chester was stunned by the phone call. How could Rachel meet a friend here? What friend?

Seeing his expression, Joe immediately understood what happened. He patted him on the shoulder and said, "Let's eat first. Rachel will be here soon."

"What kind of friend can she meet?" Chester asked with doubt.

Joe looked at Chest with a smile, replying, "Do you really want to guess? Directors, actors, producers who had cooperated with her before, relatives and friends...... If you really want to spend time suspecting it, you will be very busy. Which female star doesn't have any social circle?"

Chester was still confused with his eyebrows furrowed.

Joe continued to comfort him, "The goddess you are chasing is a very independent person. If you keep monitoring and controlling her, it will only be the opposite. Instead, she will hate you more and stay away from you! So, the only thing you can do is to respect her and

o have hotpot with you? Why hasn't she arrived yet?"

Clark replied expressionlessly, "She just sent a message and said she was too busy to eat."

With a skeptical look at him, Rachel said, "Then take your time. I'll go back first."

Clark didn't say anything but nodded slightly.

After returning to the room of Chester, Rachel sat down again and asked the two people with pretended ease, "How is it? Did you eat well?"

After being taught a lesson by Joe just now, Chester restrained his emotions and asked indifferently, "It's delicious. Are you full over there?"

"Not yet," said Rachel, picking up her chopsticks and eating the hot pot again. "I just talked with my friend for a while, and I just ate a few. This hotpot tastes really good!"

"Of course," replied Joe casually, "This is the hot pot restaurant under the name of the Ji Group. It's always difficult to book a table, because the food here tastes so good that there are many customers coming back after trying it for one time."

"Is this the hotpot restaurant of the Ji Group?" Rachel asked in surprise.

Joe nodded, asking, "Yes, don't you know? The Ji Group is really engaged in all kinds of industries, such as clothing industry, catering industry, real estate, entertainment industry and so on. As long as there is money to make, there will be the Ji Group!

Otherwise, how could the Ji Group take up half of the economic income of the M city? Even the heir of the Ji Group was praised as a 'business genius who controls the economic lifeline of M city'! His power sweeps over the whole M city! There is nothing he can't do!"

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