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   Chapter 223 Cruel Hearted

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When Rachel took Ceil back to her studio, everyone was happy to hear that it was a cook who was cooking for them. "That's great. You don't have to eat fast food every day from now on!"

Rachel was a little tired. After asking Michelle to arrange Ceil to do something, she went to bed.

Lying on the bed, she tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She couldn't calm down at the thought that her parents had committed suicide in prison.

She would never believe it.

There were many kinds of death methods in the prison, including being poisoned, abused, and all kinds of accidents However, the result being given by the official were usually decent, but most of them were not credible.

Rachel's head was running at a high speed.

Was her grandmother really seriously ill at that time? Then why didn't Grandpa take any measures since there was no news about her parents? Did he think that her father was unfilial and didn't want to go home, so he didn't find him? he missed the best time to save him?

The more Rachel thought about it, the more headache she felt. It seemed that she had to ask her grandfather for confirmation.

But at the thought of meeting her grandfather whom she had never met, she felt sad.

After tossing and turning for hundreds of times, Rachel finally couldn't help but send a message to Clark. "If someone committed suicide in prison, do you believe it?"

Clark had helped her investigate this case before. A trace of expectation appeared in Rachel's heart. Maybe he could know something.

Seeing that there was no response from the phone, Rachel thought that Clark would not reply her message.

She was a little disappointed.

That's right. Last time when Clark invited her to shoot an advertisement, she refused him and even smeared her. How could he talk to her?

Thinking of this, she quickly clicked on the WeChat and wanted to withdraw the message, but found that the message had been sent for too long and could not be withdrawn.

She sighed and was about to turn off her phone to sleep.

At this time, the phone rang.

Seeing the phone number on the screen, Rachel almost threw it away!

Clark didn't reply her message for a long time, but called her directly?

She answered it? Or not?

When she was hesitating, the phone was hung up and returned to peace.

itated again. "Did Teresa really say that?"

"Yes, I heard it. All these years, I have been thinking about it. How could something happen to your parents in a week? I suspect that she must have done it. She kept you by her side and abused you to vent her anger. Maybe she doesn't want to let you go? "

Hearing this, Rachel was so angry that she thumped the table!

"Teresa is really crazy!"

Seeing that she was furious, Ceil quickly knelt down and said, "don't be angry, Rachel. I just don't want to hide it from you. I know you must be affected by my words. But I really don't want to see you look around for people to inquire about what happened in the past and look for evidence! "

At this time, Eva pushed the door open and came in. She was surprised to see Ceil kneeling on the ground.

She had been told what had happened a few days ago by Rachel, but she had no time to come.

"Ceil, did you piss Miss off again?" Eva frowned unhappily.

"No, she didn't. Ceil told me that Teresa was most likely to have done something to my parents."

Eva hurried forward, pulled up Ceil, and nodded heavily to Rachel. "This is the most possible! Even if there is no evidence, I am one hundred percent sure that she did it! It's strange that she didn't do it! she is so cruel."

Rachel didn't deny it, "before we find strong evidence, we three just need to know these things. You don't have to tell outsiders, or our lives will be in danger!"

Eva looked at her with fear. "Miss, are we also in danger? Then Can I go out in the future? "

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