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   Chapter 220 Tet Her Unbridle First

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Thinking of this, Anna was about to go out in a hurry, and the two bodyguards followed her secretly.

Regardless of them, Anna went straight to the garage. When she was about to get on the car, she was stopped by the bodyguard. "Miss. Anna, where are you going?"

"Where am I going? Are you taking me there?" Anna asked coldly.

The bodyguard said coldly, "Mr. Clark has told me that you can't go anywhere except near the community."

"What if I have to go?" Anna looked at him coldly, showing no intention of giving in.

The bodyguard directly sat on the driver's seat, and the other bodyguard invited her to the back seat. "Miss. Anna, please sit down. Tell us the address, and we'll drive you there."

Anna didn't understand "What do you mean?"

The bodyguard sitting next to her said politely and indifferently, "Mr. Clark once said that if you have to go anywhere, let us follow you and protect your personal safety."

Anna's nose twitched and she was almost moved to tears.

She immediately told him where Rachel lived and asked the bodyguards to send her there.

Soon, they arrived at the neighborhood of Rachel.

She wanted to enter, but she was not allowed because she didn't have the door card or the permission of the studio.

At this time, Rachel and Mindy came out of the community, followed by Yellow Ball in the middle hall.

Yellow Ball was now a fat cat with a big face.

It walked beside Rachel, rubbed her legs from time to time, and rolled like a spoiled child. It was extremely cute.

But in Anna's eyes, all this was not peaceful, but hateful!

The comments on the Internet about the accusation of Anna had already provoked much discussion.

But Rachel didn't seem to care about it. Why was she walking the cat leisurely here?

When Rachel was about to come out, she saw the aggressive Anna standing in front of the door.

She was stunned and stopped, unwilling to come out again.

"Why don't you come out and talk to me? Don't pretend to be a coward, Rachel" Anna provoked her deliberately.

Rachel smiled faintly and stood three meters away from her, with a door in the middle.

"Miss. Anna, you are a good actress. Even I, a little actress, can't compare with you. If you have anything to say, just stand there and say it. I don't wa

blame you? I feel angry for you! "

Clark's eyes were as cold as ice.

"It's not a big deal. Do you mind?" Clark said indifferently.

Anna was stunned. 'even so, can't Clark forget Rachel?

Anna didn't dare to mention Rachel in front of Clark any more. The two of them had a meal silently.

After dinner, Clark left soon.

As soon as the storm started, Chester had planned to ask the online rumormongers to suppress it, but before the rumor came into play, the public opinion on the Internet had completely changed, which he had never expected.

In the end, the comments on Rachel were getting better and better.

Although most of the netizens sympathized with her, it was a blessing in disguise for her to gain a large number of supporters, and the number of fans quickly increased.

Seeing this, Chester was secretly happy for Rachel.

He quickly handed the script to Rachel and asked her to prepare for it.

"Did you really break up with Clark?" When Chester was delivering the script, he asked Rachel.

With a faint smile, Rachel shook her head and said, "I don't know if it's breaking up or not. Anyway, I won't cooperate with him anymore."

"Does that mean that I will have more chances to cooperate with you in the future?"

"Let's get to the point."

With a serious look on Chester's face, he said, "Okay, the most important thing is that Joe has agreed to cooperate with you!"

"Joe?" With doubt, Rachel asked, "he is so proud. How could he be willing to cooperate with me, a little star?"

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