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   Chapter 219 The Fish Pool Was Damaged

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Rachel put down the book in her hand and glanced at her unhappily. "Didn't we make a deal? I don't want to see the guest now and I don't want to know the outside information. Let the guest come again another day! "

Michelle looked embarrassed.

At this time, a clear voice came from the door, "what's wrong? We haven't seen each other for only a few days, but our brotherhood is going to be destroyed because of my brother? "

Then, Amanda appeared at the door with many bags.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you," Rachel said apologetically

"Even if you know, you will find an excuse to refuse me, won't you?" Amanda raised her eyebrows and asked naughtily.

With an embarrassed smile, Rachel pointed at the opposite seat and said, "since you come, let's have a seat! Michelle, A cup of tea for Miss Amanda. "

Amanda put down the things in her hands and looked at Rachel in surprise. "Really? Are you really being polite to me because you hate my brother? How dare you call me miss Amanda? "

Rachel lowered her head to hide the pain in her eyes.

Seeing that Rachel was unhappy, Amanda quickly piled up many bags beside her and said with a smile, "my grandfather asked me to bring them here to apologize to you!"

Rachel looked up at her in surprise, "what are these? Why did you bring so many to apologize? "

Amanda opened some of the gift boxes, pointed at the products on them and smiled at her. "Jewelry, dress, cosmetics They are all high-end goods. As a star, you can really use them. "

With a bitter smile, Rachel said, "why does grandpa Peter have to do this? It's between me and Clark. It's none of his business. Why should he apologize? "

Amanda shrugged and said, "I don't know why, but I always feel that Grandpa seems to know something."

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked in confusion.

Amanda recalled for a while and repeated what Peter had said, "Grandpa only said this to me at that time." your brother did it with good intentions. Although Rachel can't understand his intention for the time being, she will understand it one day. '"

Stunned, she didn't know why Clark did this. He didn't mean to discredit her?

At this time, Michelle, who had been standing beside, said, "Rachel, you didn't let me tell you the direction of publi

urprised at the fans' support for her.

This was not the most important thing. The key point was that even she was found out by the netizens! People accused her of putting her son's death on Rachel because of jealousy!

What's more, the netizens didn't just say it. They dug out the big brain problems released by fan club of Rachel and criticized Anna.

Anna had opened an account for a long time. Because of the lawsuit, she had complained about Rachel on Weibo, so many people knew that the account was hers.

Now, many people had come to her account and scolded her.

At this moment, there were 999+ comments in one of her posts.

She opened it with her trembling hands and found that they were all scolding her! Some netizens even guessed that the official account of the Ji group was also in her hands. She deliberately slandered Rachel!

How could she be so unlucky!

Anna was so angry that she almost wanted to jump off the building!

Now she was really unable to defend herself!

It was a matter between the Rachel and the Ji group. How could those silly netizens get her involved?

If the city was on fire, the fish pool would be affected!

Anna wished she could ask for an explanation from Rachel. However, wherever she went, she was followed by two bodyguards. If she really went to find Rachel, she was sure that Clark would know!

However, didn't Clark hate Rachel now? If she vented his anger on her, it might hit the nail on the head!

A hint of slyness flashed through Anna's eyes.

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