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   Chapter 211 I Have To Be With You

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Embarrassed, Michelle had to tell the truth, "You were saved by Mr. Clark. Since he has made a move, there is no reason to stand by. He is adding fuel to the fire. "

Rachel frowned and sighed, "if Anna knows about it, she will definitely make trouble for me again. In fact, I hope he won't interfere in my affairs. "

Hearing this, Michelle couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "What a pity! How could Mr. Clark like a woman like Anna? I don't think he likes her. But why did he keep her by his side and have something to do with you? It's really troublesome. "

With a faint smile on her face, Rachel continued, "they knew each other earlier than me, and they were about to get married. If the Bai family hadn't regretted their marriage, they might have been married and had children!"

Michelle suddenly understood "I just heard about it before. I didn't expect it to be true? That is to say, Mr. Clark is nostalgic. "

However, Rachel didn't say anything.

Soon, it was time for the competition.

With the help of Mr. Kim and Clark finding a lot of powerful evidence behind, even the lawyer hired by the Liu clan had to give up.

In the end, both Amy and Connor were sentenced to jail.

When the result was announced to the public, there was a lot of praise on the Internet, saying that the judicial departments had finally made a fair judgment this time and did not yield to the pressure and temptation of the Liu family.

When the judicial workers who participated in this case saw the news, they were all helpless. The eyes of the masses were bright, and in the full view of the public, did they dare to play any tricks?

It was all because of the great influence of Rachel and the powerful fans group!

While the Liu family lost a pair of children, the stock market was still shaking, and it was even more shocking than the beginning of the case.

Benjamin didn't have time to feel sorry for his children, because Liu clan was in a crisis that he couldn't even handle.

Inside the company, there were not only traitors, but also a large number of employees resigned, leaving countless jobs behind.

Outside the company, the customers who had cooperated with the Liu clan previously all wanted to terminate their contracts for some reason. The suppliers didn't supply the goods, the bank didn't lend money, and the orders were always blocked

r be my granddaughter? Why do you use this as an excuse now? "

Clark fell into silence.

Mr. Peter's words rendered him speechless.

Seeing his embarrassment, Mr. Peter didn't make things difficult for him. He just said lightly, "I'm not blaming you. Now the Liu family has come to an end, and they deserve it! Even without your help, the Liu clan will soon be destroyed by Mr. Benjamin's children "

"So Grandpa means..." Clark paused, confused.

Mr. Peter sighed and said, "I'm just worried about you. You obviously don't like Anna, but why do you keep her by your side to disgust yourself and all of us?"

"Since you only have a crush on Rachel, why don't you break up with Anna and pursue Rachel directly? We all like her. "

Clark lowered his head again and said in a cold voice, "I have my own plan. Grandpa, you don't have to get involved."

Hearing this, Peter felt a headache. He stood up and said indifferently, "well, you've grown up and your wings are hard. I can't make your decision. I just want to remind you that no matter what plan you have, you can wait, but Rachel can't wait, "

"What if someone else pursues her and she likes others and becomes other's girlfriend? What should you do? Otherwise, you will lose a lot! "

But Clark didn't care. His eyes were cold. "She won't."

"You are too arrogant. Who says she has to be with you? I think she has long wanted to get rid of you and start a new life! " Peter shook his head.

However, Clark insisted, "if there is really such a person, I have a way to prevent them from being together!"

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